18 thoughts on “Henry Gomez is gettin’ old”

  1. “Things they do look awful c-c-cold (‘talkin bout my generation)

    hope I die before I get old (‘talkin bout my generation)”

    What dumb things young people say! Thank goodness, you’re now past that (like Pete Townsend.)

    Hawppy berzday, amigo!

  2. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I know many of you want to know where I’ve been. Working and parenting and dealing with some personal stuff is the answer. But I’ll be back. I promise.

  3. Congrats ~ and best wishes for long healthy life. May you count all your blessings.

    (If anyone ribs you about turning 40, just tell them you prefer THAT to the alternative – and remember: all those young things walking around today will someday turn 40 — time has no mercy)

  4. “Four-O. It’s all downhill after this, dude.”

    A pox upon ye, Val!

    Go middle-aged crazy, Henry. Feels GREAT!



  5. ….Dittos, drill! The best thing, Henry, is that right about now you won’t make the same old stupid mistakes we tend to make at 20….we also care less what anybody else thinks!

  6. Congrats, Henry, but I’m afraid Val is right, at least in a certain sense. Still, we’re all getting older, even your kids. Best wishes.

  7. Muy Feliz Cumpleanos Henry, nunca se me olvida que cuando mis padres desarrollaron Alzhairmers se les forzo una tutela forzada, gracias al la publicidad generada por el blog que tu me ayudaste a desarollar la tutela fue disuelta la libertad devuelta a mi familia…..
    Desde entonces mude mi negocia a otro pais adonde gozamos de libertad prosperidad..
    Gracias Henry por ayudarnos!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Henry, enjoy it with your loved ones.

    We have been missing you here for a while, but take care of your personal life first that Val and the rest will hold the fort until you return.

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