On whose hands will the blood of Hondurans be?

In what can only be described as a plan to incite violence in Honduras, the fugitive deposed president Mel Zelaya sneaked into Honduras yesterday and is currently holed up in the Brazilian embassy. None of the news reports I have read so far have been able to say how the wannabe dictator was able to get back into the country, but there is no doubt he received assistance from the usual suspects; Chavez, Ortega, and obviously Lula da Silva.

The purpose of placing Zelaya back in Honduras is to incite violence in this poor country. The well organized leftist thugs have already taken to the streets with orders to wreak as much havoc as possible and ensure the maximum spillage of blood for the cameras. This new attempt to try and force Honduras to violate its own laws and constitution by insisting on the reinstatement of a criminal as their president indicates the fear and desperation being felt by the leftist elements of Latin America. Unable to achieve their goal of domination by diplomatic means, Chavez and his merry band of thugs have instead resorted to tried and true leftist tactics to realize their goal: violence.

Thousands of Zelaya's supporters greeted the president outside the embassy, where he had taken refuge.
Thousands of Zelaya's supporters greeted the president outside the embassy, where he had taken refuge. BBC News

From the sidelines, the Obama administration continues with its own brand of milquetoast foreign diplomacy by offering only a generic statement calling for restraint on both sides and imploring that violence be avoided. This shows that the Obama administration is either so inept and weak that Chavez and his minions feel they can do as they please, or the US was complicit with this latest attempt to use violence to achieve domination. Either one is a sad and damming commentary on the amateurs who are currently running our foreign policy.

It will only be a matter of time before the crowds of thugs being sent to the streets of Honduras by their leftist masters turn violent, and the pressure on Honduras’ constitutional government to ignore their own laws will grow exponentially. We can only hope and pray that they stand fast to the principles of democracy and that no innocent Honduran blood will be spilled.

But if Chavez’s plan is successful, and the blood of Hondurans runs through the streets of Tegucigalpa, it will be on the hands of all those, including the US, who stood against the rule of law and democracy in Honduras.

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  1. from CNN
    At the United Nations, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Costa Rican President Oscar Arias expressed hope that Zelaya’s return could break the impasse with the Micheletti government and restore the ousted leader to office.

    “Now that President Zelaya is back it would be opportune to restore him to his position under appropriate circumstances — get on with the election that is currently scheduled for November, have a peaceful transition of presidential authority and get Honduras back to constitutional and democratic order,” Clinton said.

    It would seem that the US is a bit more involved than most think. Obama and Co. are sickening.

  2. If the New York Times hasn’t written an searing editorial yet, wait for it any moment now. The editorial will of course claim that the pro-Zelayas ramble outside the Brazilian embassy represent the will of the Honduran people in total and that any blood shed that occurs is strictly the fault of the Micholetti government. It will demand the immediate restitution of Zelayas and ask the USA to institute sanctions if it does not.

  3. On another post there is much talk about the Cuban people not rebelling against Castro.
    Where is the rebellion in this country or even the congressman willing to get up and make noise about this theft of freedom from the brave people of Honduras by this administration? Where are the talk show hosts yelling about this travesty from Hillary and Obama?
    If I mention Honduras to any liberal, they know nothing about this. Okay, we know about Acorn and what they do with pimps and prostitutes. Now where is the noise about the pimps and prostitutes running our country? If Americans are uncaring about Honduras, it is easy to understand why Cubans don’t rise up.
    It takes principles plus the will to care. This free country now has neither. We are doomed.
    I begin to understand the Cubans and feel the greatest respect for those who do rebel in Cuba. They are so brave. But as I’ve said before, I also think it is incorrect to judge Cubans who do not rebel. Here we have the freedom and say and do nothing.
    I will write my congressmen. Theye will laugh.

  4. Honduras is simply being used by this administration as an object, an ideological pawn, an “acceptable” sacrifice toward its agenda. To this administration, the Hondurans might as well be insects, just as, to JFK, Cubans were lower life forms he could well afford to sell off to the Soviets to get what he wanted and needed.

  5. asombra,
    Honduras is not just a pawn; it is the essence of this administrations agenda.
    What Obama needs, craves is absolute power. To get that in this country he can’t just take it. He has to keep his useful idiots on his side for as long a possible so that, lobster in the pot, once he has all of his little pins in place, it will be a piece of cake to get what he wants. If he gets one sliver of his health care plan in place, we will be finished. They are voting on this soon so call you congressmen and try to get this stopped.
    Obama is never on the side of freedom, whether it is in the middle east, Iran or this hemisphere. Chaos and lack of freedom helps Obama to take down this country. And for my liberal friends who say they preferred Hillary, as I’ve always asserted, she is no better.

  6. I absolutely agree with you Honey,

    We have the enemy of Freedom and Democracy and enemy of the same country that elected him to its highest office in charge at the oval office and the worst part of it that many people in this country don’t realize it.

    The wolf is guarding the hen house the days; this is a story out of Ripley’s believe it or not.

  7. Has that BBC photo been altered.

    BTW everything possible must be done to assure that these marxists do not kill one or two of their own “para poner los muertos/”

  8. Larry:

    That photo is off the BBC News website and I don’t think it’s been altered. I linked the image to where I found it.

    As far as killing their own, you can count on them doing that. They’ll shoot a couple of homeless guys in the head, execution style, and then call the press to show them how the Honduran military is summarily executing innocent civilians.

    It’s an old leftist tactic, and one they’ll continue to use as long as the press is a willing accomplice.

  9. The photo looks legit to me. The BBC has no need to photoshop in a Che flag … believe me, these protestors probably each own one.

  10. The relative size of some of the protestors seems out of proportion to others, and the shade on the left side of the photo looks darker …

  11. If the BBC has presented an altered photograph, and this can be proven … then they are in for a real bout of bad publicity … that can shake their credibility

  12. Larry, the left side is clearly covered by more tree branches, so it should be “shadier”.

    “I love the caption under the photo however, which shows 200 people max …”

    Alberto, for sure there are not thousands in the photo but there are far more than 200 people in it. Perhaps 300 or even a little over 400. Don’t take my word for it, try counting heads for yourself.

  13. Huh? What are you talking about, Honey?

    Of _course_ the only people in the photo are those who are IN the photo. If they are out of the shot, they are not in the photo. I guess you are agreeing with me that there must be many more there than the 200 max some were suggesting? Great, I thank you for your support.

  14. Cubabuzz:

    Maybe there are 300, or 400, or maybe even 500 people in that photo. I don’t have the patience to count heads.

    My point was how the BBC can show a photo with 300-400 people and caption it as thousands.

  15. cubabuzz, I WAS agreeing with you and making a joke at the same time because you were so meticulous in your counting on Washington.
    I’m not good at counting anyway.

    Whatever the size of this crowd it is so dispiriting that communists and the useful idiots of Obama and Hillary may doom this brave people. I hope Hondurans stand their ground and a miracle makes their elections go off and they become old news. The trouble is the free world is tired of fighting and, like Olinsky’s rule of drowning people with worries, this is just one more and most people would rather not think of it.
    So disgusting.

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