Dándose golpe en la cabeza con la misma piedra

At what point does the president, the liberal Democrats in congress, and the liberal yahoos who blindly follow them admit that the majority of Americans do not want their brand of healthcare reform?

Obama has tried to sell his healthcare proposal to the American people in hundreds of speeches and town hall meetings for months now and the Democratic Congressional leadership has been beating the same drum for the same amount of time. Yet none of them have been able to get the American people to buy the goods they’re selling. In fact, polling indicates that the harder they try to sell their reform, the less the American people are liking it.

Today, Rasmussen Reports released their latest poll measuring the appetite of the American people for Obamacare. And it should not surprise anyone (except the liberal yahoos out there) that not only is support for Obamacare continuing to decline, but the opposition to it has grown larger.

Today’s official poll results indicate that 41% of America wants Obama to take over their healthcare, but a plurality of Americans, 56%, do not want it. These latest numbers indicate a 9-percentage-point drop in support for Obamacare since late June, and more astoundingly, an 11-percentage-point increase in opposition.

So what is the liberal remedy to this situation? Their remedy is to continue trying to ram this reform through before the poll numbers on this issue get even worse.

Liberals believe that they truly know better than anyone else. If you do not agree with them, it must be because you are not as enlightened as they are or you are just plain evil. In their fantasy world, they are the sole arbiters of truth and those who do not think or act as them should fall back and just follow their lead.

Fortunately, America was not built by a multitude of followers but by a multitude of leaders. People who stood up and took control of their lives and their futures instead of waiting and hoping the government would do it for them.

This uniquely American concept and spirit is completely foreign to a liberal, and that is why they will continuing hitting themselves in the head with the same rock.

3 thoughts on “Dándose golpe en la cabeza con la misma piedra”

  1. The problem is the libs/dems want to hit us all over the head with the rock and shove this abomination down our throats. They don’t care about what we want, they only care that once this massive entitlement program is in place, they will have even more control over us and our lives. Which is their true goal. And which is why we have to fight this tooth and nail.

  2. Eddy:

    It is actually both.

    There are more Americans opposed to Obamacare than there are for it or hold no opinion. That makes this group not only a plurality, but also a majority since it is over 50%.

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