Chihuahuas, The Miami Herald and BULLSHIT

Guess what?

That Free the Five link is STILL on the sidebar at the Miami Herald “Cuba” blog Cuban Colada.

Inspiring. Really.

Reading the Miami Herald is like throwing up in my mouth, chewing on the upchuck and then swallowing it like a purgante.

What a pathetic excuse for a major metropolitan newspaper.

5 thoughts on “Chihuahuas, The Miami Herald and BULLSHIT”

  1. But Val, you say that as if you’re surprised. Maybe a little talk with Marifeli Perez-Stable would help you, uh, be more accepting and, you know, tolerant.

  2. As a hobby I try to give them

    a little response each morning

    Don’t think it does any good

    but at least it makes me feel better

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