Freedom for Iran Rally at the UN

Here’s the schedule of speakers for last week’s Freedom for Iran Event at the UN that I attended and spoke at: Stand for Freedom.

I cant even begin to tell you all how honored I was to share the same stage with most if not all of these speakers.

Here’s my very short speech:

Good afternoon.

My name is Val Prieto, Im a Cuban-American and I am both proud and honored to be here in support solidarity with the people of Iran.

What can I possibly say today that hasnt already been said?

We have heard all about freedom and justice and injustices. We’ve heard about jail cells and beatings and torture and separation of families. We’ve heard about tyrants and tyranny and dictators and hate and abuses of power. The calls have gone out today and it is our duty to ensure that these are not ignored.

The great Cuban patriot and poet put it succinctly:

Liberty is the right of every man to be honest. To think and speak without hypocrisy.

To take Marti’s words to heart is to understand that those who are truly free, those who truly know liberty are those who languish in jail cells in Iran and Cuba throughout the world.

For it is they who are truly honest. It is they who have thought and spoken without hypocrisy. It is they who live with liberty in their hearts.

And THAT – to the tyrants of this world – is the most unspeakable of crimes.


It is one and the same battle, despite the difference in culture and language and Iran and Cuba being many, many miles apart. A political prisoner is a political prisoner, a human rights abuse is a human rights abuse and the usurption of dignity and liberty from any individual is the loss of same for all.

2 thoughts on “Freedom for Iran Rally at the UN”

  1. I loved your closing, Val because that’s it. People have a right to liberty everywhere because that is God given according to our founding fathers.
    Too bad this administration chooses to forget it.

  2. Great Speech Val! I agree with Honey, I love the closing lines. Now, be honest, did you shed some tears? I know I would have if I could have been there.

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