Finally, Some Hope and Change!

Ok so for all you wingnuts who have spent the last ten months whining about how President Obama is a narcissistic, American hating socialist who’s only interested in promoting himself, his cronies and in broadening his constituency by creating more poor people through progressive taxation, (something that you cynically refer to as wealth redistribution), here’s some hope and change for ya! Finally!

 While in Copenhagen, marketing his Olympic vision for his adopted city of Utopian Diversity, Chicago, the President, who you Neanderthals say was bowed and kowtowed to despots, blamed America for everything under the sun, (yes, warming is caused by America, not the Sun), and has apologized on our behalf for all our past sins, (like saving the world from totalitarianism twice in one century), the President FINALLY had some praise for his country, (sort of):

 At the beginning of this new century, the nation that has been shaped by people from around the world wants a chance to inspire it once more; to ignite the spirit of possibility at the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic movement in a new generation; to offer a stage worthy of the extraordinary talent and dynamism offered by nations joined together – to host games that unite us in noble competition and shared celebration of our limitless potential as a people.

 And so I urge you to choose Chicago. I urge you to choose America. And if you do; if we walk this path together; then I promise you this: the city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud. Thank you.

 Ok, so his remarks were mostly about him and his “struggle” to rise from his humble beginings to become the embodiment of the American Dream (so he could change it). And, about how when he came to Chicago he finally felt at home in the infamously corrupt machine politics and “visionaries”, (like Ayres and Rev. Right.)

 See? At least the president said some nice things about America for a change. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

3 thoughts on “Finally, Some Hope and Change!”

  1. If life is good, Chicago will not get the Olympics. Some other American city, that would be wonderful, but, please, not Chicago.
    I guess you’ve heard about those in Chicago who ran buildings into the ground and will clean up as we would be tearing down those buildings to make way for the Olympics and would have to buy those properties from those corrupt people.
    The thing is Chicago has great theatre, music, shopping and gorgeous architecture and art. I love a lot about this city.
    But a president who shows no love for this country, wants to tear it down and is against free people everywhere does not deserve any feathers in his cap.

  2. This from NR online:
    Anywhere Other Than Chicago 2016 [Andrew Stuttaford]

    Chicago is a fine city and a place that I always enjoy visiting. It deserves better than to have the Olympics foisted upon it. What I cannot understand is why President Obama is joining in with the effort to bring this scourge to his home town. The Olympics after all, is a festival of bureaucratic arrogance, financial irresponsibility, internationalist vacuity, and politically correct blather.

    Oh . . .

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