“Meat Control.” Yes, you read that correctly…

So who wants to call me an alarmist now, eh? First, they came for my cigarettes, then my toilet. Now, it’s MEAT CONTROL!

[…] Now I could be wrong, because she was stuttering badly, but didn’t the United States EPA Administrator say that she is looking into Meat Control? She certainly advocated a restriction on food grown outside of the US.

But MEAT CONTROL? I’ve met a lot of vegetarians in my travels. I don’t really care about those who practice it themselves, although I often question their logic. I look at vegetarianism as a sort of religion, and have no problem with it being practiced in the privacy of one’s own cat-filled home. But in America we have a separation of church and state, and if you intend to force me to conform to your religious dietary restrictions, I’m going to make a little noise.

I still haven’t forgiven McDonalds for taking the beef tallow out of their french fryer. If we can have Pepsi Throwback for a limited time only, couldn’t McDonalds offer Original Recipe Fries? And while you’re at it, bring back those fried apple pies with the hot lava filling. Here’s an idea: if you want to be a vegetarian, and you are afraid you might burn yourself, stay out of McDonalds. I’m tired of having to cater to the lowest common denominator, and I don’t like their new luke warm coffee either.

McDonald’s fries are literally tasteless thanks to vegan fanatics. All I can say is that they’ll pull my ribeye from my cold, dead fingers.

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  1. Did you hear that NY schoolboard banned bake sales as fundraising events to help students become healthier? If they touch my guava pastelitos they will be in trouble. They also said it was the school’s responsability to look out for the kids health. What role do parents have then? What next…

  2. George! When you meet a vegetarian who owns cats–ASK HIM (probably HER) WHAT SHE FEEDS Little Whiskers!!!

    If she feeds him cat food..well, she’s putting hits on Wild Horses (couldn’t drag me away) fish, chickens, etc. etc. (murdered, butchered, ground-up and rendered into cat food).

    If not–if she’s trying to feed it vegetation– then she could be jailed by animal protection agencies for torturing and starving her pet! (cats are strictly carnivorous and will DIE on such a diet)

    I pulled that on the show Politically Incorrect with PETA board member Bill Maher–then he broke for a commercial.


  3. I think if you want to cultivate the Hispanic vote, trashing consumption of meat is not the right approach. Case in point: Mexican carnitas; chunks of pork deep-fried in pork fat. What more could you ask for?

    “Hey, poor oppressed mexicano-americanos….we’re on your side, we’re looking out for your interests. Now, stop eating meat and vote for us.”

  4. I was a vegatarian and I have a cat. I went six months without meat. I must have been craving protein. That night I dreamt that I ate my cat. I didn’t eat the cat but I am no longer a vegatarian.
    We are all part of the food chain. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, just idiots trying to control your life.

  5. Humberto,

    You should have invited Bill Maher to go hunting with you in the bayou and leave him there to fend for himself among the gators.

  6. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat. It’s unhealthy, and cruel to eat meat, especially if the meat is taken from a factory farmed animal where many animals are kept in small, unsanitary cages their entire miserable lives and are injected with an assortment of cancer causing growth hormones and antibiotics. And I don’t know what the little aside about “cats” is. I’ve kept both cats and dogs as pets and I’ve fed them meat. I know that they’re meat eaters and I wouldn’t subject them to an unnatural life that would kill them, especially cats that are 100% carnivorous.

    That much said, you guys should really stop connecting so many dots. Not everyone who’s a vegetarian or environmentalist is a leftist. Life isn’t that simple. What is it with these constant attacks on environmentalists and vegetarians?

    Look at fidel castro: he’s hardly an environmentalist. That piece of shit has destroyed Cuba’s fauna and flora, he’s polluted Cuba’s waterways and allowed unscrupulous Canadians to strip mine Cuban land.

    If Cuba is ever free one day, we’re seriously going to have to become environmentalists if we love the land of our birth in order to fix the disasters of the castro regime. What’s more, aside from helping the people, we’re going to have to start animal protection societies as I understand that its heart breaking to see all of the homeless starving dogs wandering the streets.

    If you guys want to eat meat, that’s your prerogative, but be a little tolerant of those that don’t.

  7. I believe humans are meant to be carnivores.

    Vegetables are for rabbits.

    I’d call myself a “Meatitarian” who broadens my palate for bake potatos. 🙂

  8. Mr. Mojito, you can believe that humans are meant to be carnivores all that you want, but our physiognomy says otherwise starting with our teeth, we don’t have carnivorous teeth like those of a cat that are built for tearing flesh, we have teeth more in line with rabbits and cows and other herbivores. What’s more, our intestines are long like those of herbivores not short like those of a cat or a dog.

    Eat your artery clogging meat all that you want. Let me know when you have your angioplasty, I’ll visit you at the hospital. 🙂

  9. I don’t think the issue is whether or not you choose to eat meat. What’s at stake here is that right to choose. Does anyone deny that there is a movement from the radical left that wants to dictate their version of healthy living on everyone else? And for the record, there are vegetarians dropping dead from heart attacks, and meat eaters living to 100.

  10. Bingo! I could care less what Ray or anyone else eats. It’s the government, at the behest of a fanatical few, telling me how to live my life that is dangerous. The silent acquiesence with these fascistic/communist measures — that vegans and vegetarians and non-smokers agree with for “altruistic” and “compassionate” reasons — is why we are on this slippery slope. In other words, mind your fucking business!

  11. I know what the issue is. I know that it is not whether meat is good for you or not. I know that the issue is the right to choose. I for one have always believed in small government. My objection is to the constant attacks, the ridiculing of vegetarians and environmentalists on this forum. I believe that the point of gov’t minding its business can be made without all of this ridiculing. In fact, I believe that it would be more constructive.

    We have so many more truly important things that we agree upon like Cuba. I don’t think that its healthy to drive in all of these wedges.

    On a sidebar, I always felt that we could work with environmentalists. Cuba more than any country has had its environment damaged by the tyranny.

    Reinaldo Arenas proved that Cuban Americans could work with the traditional left in order to fight the tyranny. When he appeared in “Improper Conduct” and denounced the UMAP Concentration Camps, and when he wrote “Before Night Falls” the gays and lesbians who in the United States have always been traditionally of the left listened to us and many sided with us. It would be wonderful if we could follow in Arenas footsteps and form coalitions with environmental groups instead of attacking them.

  12. Ray, then it’s your job — and that of every other non-wacko vegan/vegetarian — to tell the others (the wackos) to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Comprende? Don’t get saucy with us; its your fellow veggies that need a talking to.

  13. George, take a chill pill. Nobody is getting saucy with anybody, unless you consider constructively expressing one’s opinion without attacking anyone like I’ve done getting saucy.

    For the record, Bill Maher whom I detest is not a vegetarian and much less a vegan.

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