Obama’s Doc & Pony Show

Growing up in Cuba ,one of the things that caught my eye was the great visuals provided by the revolution, (pun intended).There wasn’t any food or clothing or toilet paper, but there was always visually stunning propaganda to wrap up the crap sandwich they were force feeding the “masses”, as they liked to call us.

Leftists, whether they be Fascists or Marxists all seem to love symbols and costumes.

It’s all about the visuals, the looks, the crap they sell wrapped in a shinny veneer for the benefit of those who can be seduced by shinny things, I guess.

And there I was, watching TV and I see the medical sympathizers of the hope and change socialist revolution sitting in the White House lawn wearing their official government issued revolutionary white lab coats ponying up their support for Obamacare. What a visual. A doc and pony show.


What really would have been a great visual was to see an orange garbed holy man in the midst of all those white coats.

You see, the Dahli  Lama was in town but the Obama White House did not want to meet with the Tibetan leader in exile.

That non-visual was meant to appease a bunch of like minded masters at visual imagery half a world away in Beijing. I’m sure they got the images loud and clear.

So should we.

Update (Val): Michelle Malkin has the diagnosis: all affected by the dreaded Soros disease.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Doc & Pony Show”

  1. Gusano this made my stomach turn! DejaVu all over again,only ‘el difraje’ custom and the color is different! Isn’t amazing how history repeats itself?
    I usually write about the consfiscations going on with the older folks, my mother used to say that having money is a curse! Nothing could have been more profetic as my father was killed by the stress of the forced separation of his wife of 58 years! Watch Chavez YouTube Video of the consfiscation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0YOAY2sIrc
    Now read the consfiscation letter that my family received : http://elder-abuse-cyberray.blogspot.com/2009/10/consfiscation-letter.html
    This is very scary, history repeating itself like this! I remember folks feeling powerless to stop the regime change in 1960 and I feel the people’s frustation in being powerless to stop the change now!

  2. Gusano I won’t talk much about Chavez because I am traveling through his backyard right now, and while the Americans are busy screwing everybody just because the can, thanks to Chavez we can still put cheap petro in our cars, he is out selling petro @ $25/barrel throughout latin America, Chavez is also paying the salaries of Cuban Doctors all over latin America, as you might suspect the majority of people are poor! and he is taking from the rich and giving to the poor, you know the drill the re-distribution of wealth, and the notion of having government take care of it’s citizens’ every need makes people like him extremely popular!
    Of course we lived it and we know it doesn’t work, studies have shown that if you were to redistribute wealth, given free market conditions, in ten years the same 10% would own 90% of the wealth all over again due to work habits, but the Anglo Saxons don’t know that and the most find out(in carne propia) the hard way, just like we had to.

  3. c’mon give it a rest – everyone loves visuals – doesn’t matter what stripe. I got a call once asking for volunteers to appear in a national TV spot for a Republican presidential candidate. I get to the production company offices and the place is packed. This lady and I see all the people and start heading out the door when a production guy practically tackeles us at the door. It took a split second to see why – I am obviously hispanic looking and she was black. We both ended up in the commercial – and not even a group shot but our own individual shots.

    On one of my first campaigns it was my job to find “normal” people and young people to stand behind the candidate in the bleachers. The idea was to minimize the number of polo wearing, suit clad whites that typically show up to our events. You have to appear “diverse” – it is all about images and the photo op. It’s the first thing they teach you at the Leadership Institute.

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