12 thoughts on ““That was forty years ago!””

  1. Didn’t you get the memo? The statute of limitations on murder is 25 years MAX !

    Everything’s fine now, so see you at Veradero 🙂


  2. Its just like Billy Ayers’ terrorist bombings, so long ago it doesn’t count any more. I’m surprised Mr. Moore didn’t apply the same calculus to Stalin and Hitler. I guess it takes a bit longer for Marxist-inspired killings to be washed away when the number of victims is in the millions.

  3. This is precisely why I believe we should let far-left people like Michael Moore and many others talk all they want. They should go on every news show at every hour of the day, write and comment in every blog that exists, and proclaim their total hypocrisy in front of everyone. Because it’s only through these means that people understand the true nature of these individuals and the need to run away from them and their policies. Congratulations to Sean Hannity for boosting his ratings and at the same time further exposing Michael Moore for what he truly is and represents.

  4. Hannity admitted to seeing Moore’s new film “Capitalism: A Love Story” in disguise during the show 🙂

    … hmm … quite the irony … pay to go see a movie which bashes the idea that people have to pay for things … ??? My head hurts.

  5. Typical communist leftist argument technique: Rather than address the issue, they point to something totally irrelevant and shift the focus blame to the USA.

    Castro used this argument all the time. Every time the prick was asked about political prisoners in Cuba, he’d respond with “the United States has political prisoners and violates the civil rights of people of color”

    so Moore, just like the leftist wanker guanajos out there, rather than say, “yes castro is a murderer”, his response is “what about all the murders committed by the USA”

    it’s like if you ask them about all the Americans killed by muslim extremists, the left response is, “how about all the innocents killed by Israel” or “how about all the muslims killed during the crusades”

    I agree with Robert. We need idiots like this to be visible. The more they speak, the more their idiocy shows.

  6. The regime murdered ( more in the first three years than Hitler’s in its first six) and jailed (at a higher rate than Stalin) because in order to remain in power in those days–it HAD to.

    If the same need arose today–they’d go retro in a heartbeat. After all, its essentially the same people running Cuba today as ran it 40 years ago….it’s the nature of their subjects that has changed with the generations…

  7. more in the first three years than Hitler’s in its first six

    Would those be 1932-1938 ?

    … was Hitler even killing anyone during those years before WWII? The early Adolf was the (albeit hateful) one who rebuilt Germany from ruin.

  8. My stomach couldn’t handle (literally) the sight of fat sloppy orca on the screen, so I didn’t watch the whole interview; however, from all excerpts, it reinforces my theory that hard-leftists like Moore are beyond intellectual and political redemption, and their ideology renders them incurable. I don’t know why Sean, after all this time, was willing to give that dumbass a forum. He should have done it on his radio program and spare the rest of us the expectacle of another rabid idealogue onscreen. Like Mark says, hamburgers made Moore a fat slob, and capitalism made him a RICH fat slob. I can’t take it.

  9. Moore is not a leftist idealogue. He is a self promoter. He is like Obama in that and Oliver Stone and Soros. But the more attention you give a spoiled brat, the more he goes off the deep end and dispenses with facts and logic.
    Lobster in the pot. Moore started out like a cute iconoclast and many who thought themselves avant garde were so proud of themselves for laughing at his dangerous humor. But too soon these self promoters start to believe the hype. There is nothing to remind them of their irrelevancy. I am not yet sure that letting him mouth off would expose his ridiculousness. Those who thought he was adventurous may be slow to realize that he is merely disgusting.
    Did you ever read about how this champion of exposing the truth and of talking truth to power, which he assumes gives him the right to invade anyone’s privacy, lives? He lives, apparently, in a walled compound so that no one can get near him unless he wants him to. That sort of gives the lie to his first movie about his right to invade the privacy of that car company’s president.
    All of these self promoters have one rule for everyone else and another for themselves.
    That is why they argue by changing the subject. If they stay on point, they can easily be shown to be vapid.
    Hypocrisy and deception are their life’s blood.

  10. Look, I know the guy is a major-league prick who’s physically repulsive to boot, and he’s obviously quite hopeless, but he’s a fucking FRAUD, just another Hollywood windbag desperately trying to be taken VERY seriously. It’s like a butt-ugly Sean Penn without any performing talent whatsoever. In other words, let’s keep this pompous lard bucket in perspective.

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