Cuba: Let them eat???

Since the younger dictator assumed the role of leadership three plus years ago, there has been a lot of talk about expected changes.  None have materialized to ease the struggle of daily life for the Cuban people, or to lessen the repression.  The latest rumble of change is a possible end to the libreta, the ration card.  But if the regimes response to its inability to supply the libreta is to end them without the changes necessary for Cubans to produce for themselves, just what are the people supposed to eat, tropical air? 

Interesting timing what with the talks between Havana and Washington don’t you think, and what was it Obama’s right hand man said about not letting a serious crisis to go to waste?

2 thoughts on “Cuba: Let them eat???”

  1. This seems a ploy

    to force a circumstance

    in which the U.S. will have

    to provide food

    or face a really massive

    wave of refugees

  2. I agree Larry and I think Obama will way go beyond free food. Afer all, how can we maintain an embargo on the hungry? Isn’t it time to bury the cold war hatchet? Isn’t it time for change? Isn’t Obama the worlds number one peace maker? There was an inspriring concert for peace in Cuba, let’s have real peace! Bring el che to the Whitehouse! Coño.

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