What’s a “Latino” and where did they come from?

Are you sick and tired of the inescapable groupthink impersonal racist politically correct labels seemingly applied to everything in our society? Then go read Jose Reyes’ latest article, ““HITN, Latino and Categorizing,” at Cubanology, and be sure to click on the link there to view Jose’s diagram illustrating the connection between the castro regime and all the different communist indoctrinating routes they take.


It really upsets me and to the highest degree, when any so-called organization with very close ties to any particular political agenda, decide to irresponsibly integrate and unify a particular sex, race, language and/or religion and then create a so-called official standardized title or made up name to “Categorize” them all as one group. I’m referring to the word and term “Latino” and how it is used to categorize anyone who was born in any Caribbean Island, Central American or South American country and who specifically speak the Spanish language. This term misrepresents all involved and diminishes all of our respective traditions. A person from let’s say, Honduras can not be considered or classified the same as someone who was born, let’s say, in Chile. To me, I consider these two individuals to be from two different countries and with their own traditions. These are two individuals who are very proud of their particular culture and their particular ancestry. This idea of placing an imaginary mask on individuals in order to make it easier to control and indoctrinate them is a typical technique used by Far-Left Liberals, Socialists and Communists.

Read the whole thing here.

1 thought on “What’s a “Latino” and where did they come from?”

  1. Well, thanks for posting this Ziva. I believe we commented on this once or twice before here on Babalu, and I wrote a comment then. I also felt better by posting on the page you linked.
    Yes, it is completely infuriating to be lumped together with other nationalities and cultures with whom I personally having nothing in common with other than I can understand their conversations (even that is not always the case!)
    I have long suspected it’s another socialist plot to put us all in the same niche of dependency upon the state.
    I find it offensive that as a white person it is racist if I do state I’m white, just as offensive as white Americans are not able to be proud of their origins nor disagree with a president because….”that’s racist”.
    I’m just so sick of it all. But then, I also find that there are enormous racial, social and linguistic differences between first-wave, second-wave/Marielitos and present-wave Cubans. To make things worse, our political handlers have made it impossible to discuss or even validate that those differences exist, as any mention to their mere existence is just the rabid utterings of bitter, evil batistianos. Go figger!!!

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