6 thoughts on “Oh, Canucks…you dumbasses”

  1. Ugh, how utterly repulsive. They’ve gone for 5 years yet haven’t ventured anywhere nor learned anything save what the tourist mafia feeds them; middle class, huh? They’re the “Hitler-kept-the-trains-running-on-time” types.

  2. And keep in mind that Canadians are supposedly “nice people,” or so one hears. If this is what we get from Canadians, what the hell can we possibly expect from people with a worse reputation? Never mind; I know the answer: the same exact thing we’ve been getting, for 50 years and counting.

  3. Looking down the side of SondraK’s site, there are some Canadians that “get it”. Ezra Levant’s foto is there for one… He’s from Calgary and has made his name hitting against the censorship and creeping socialism / islamofascists that have invaded this once great country. The Canadians have such a “nice” reputation internationally, so open minded that our brains have fallen out. I can’t speak for the willful blindness that seems to have overcome the tourist class in search of perfect beaches. So perfect in Cuba with its healthcare and education bla bla perhaps they’d like to stay?

    you are correct Val, dumbasses fits.

  4. Adrian,
    You sound like Mrs. Obama. It was the first time she was ever proud of her country.
    Who are you and why are you wasting your precious time reading a website that you never agree with?

  5. Val: You’re right, I’m not happy.

    Adrian: Hello mystery poster, pray tell me….you agree that “those people are insane”, which would be the prevalent thought across 98% of Babalu, yet you say that this is the ONE thing that you can agree on with the site…….:-P ????!!!!!!!

    Suffer from dichotomy much?

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