Jimmy Swaggart’s advice to Marifeli

“Listen Marifeli, as you well know, Oprah is a Goddess in the U.S. And as you also know, many Cubans teared-up with Olga Tanon and Maria Elvira as they teared up on camera recently, as so many Americans teared-up with me 25 years ago. …so this will be a breeze. Aim for the tear ducts and TOTALLY IGNORE THE SUBSTANCE OF THIS ISSUE, which is:

“The U.S.spycatcher who played a key role in cracking: “The most damaging spy case since the end of the cold war”–this man, claims to have seen defriefings of DGI officers fingering you as–not some hippy-dippy idealist undergoing her Woodstock moment–but as a full-fledged agent for a Stalinist, Terrorist-sponsoring regime. De la Cova also claims to have seen them….So THAT’S(!!!) what you wan’t to sidestep at all costs. Either that or you’ll be calling a high-level spycatcher with an unblemished record a liar!–Well, we sure don’t want that!

I mean, look what happened to Wilhelm! Both Prof. De la Cova and Lieut.Col Simmons claim to have seen these defriefings, and they’ve thrown down the gauntlet to your friends at The Herald; “OK, prove us wrong.

The Herald claimed that it was utterly impossible to contact one of these debriefed defectors (Perez-Mendez) because he was under witness protection by the Feds. Hopefully few Herald readers will remember that Maria Elvira’s show somehow managed to scrounge this obscure defector up and put him in front of camera’s on their show!

Is The Miami Herald insinuating that their crackerjack investigative staff is unequal to tasks slam-dunked by part-time TV producers for a local TV station?

So again, let’s avoid that issue as positively radioactive. Alas, with the help of your Miami Herald friends, and especially with the help of the type of people who read The Herald nowadays, it’ll be a cinch!!!

“Again: avoid the SUBSTANCE of the issue and aim for the tear ducts. So that bit about:
Two of my sons died fighting for Cuba’s freedom: one with one idea, the other with another.” She and her husband, José Tartabull, put photos of their boys in a common frame, draped it with the Cuban flag and hung it at the entrance of their home in the Escambray Mountains.”

was “Great stuff! especially in light of H.L. Mencken’s famous quote: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

“Better still, many Miami Herald readers carry the genes of people who from 1959-66 yelled “VIVA FIDEL!!!!!! VIVA FIDEL!!!!!” FIDEL! SEGURO! Dale a los Yankees DURO!!!” while Fidel shrieked economic idiocies that would have gagged moderately-intelligent ten-year olds.”

“Point is, by expertly EVADING THE MAIN ISSUE (i.e. that highly credible people claim you’ve been repeatedly fingered as a Cuban agent by high-level defectors)I think we’ve got this thing in the bag!”

This was either Marifeli’s handlers’ advise, Jimmy Swaggart’s or her own hunch.

Absolutely Unreal.

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