By Popular Request …


Capital Hill © 2009 by Michael A. Pancier, All Rights Reserved

It’s been a while but I am glad to finally announce the debut of my photography website, Michael Pancier Photography.   Folks ask me all the time for prints and for my website. So thanks to fellow contributor and friend Claudia, who was kind enough to put it together for me, the website is now online.

I have many of my landscape, cityscape,  and wildlife images available with new ones going up from time to time.   Give it a whirl …

Enjoy and see you out in the field ….

12 thoughts on “By Popular Request …”

  1. Impressive stuff, amigo! BTW, that Fulvous whistling duck?

    I also “shoot” them. Did you “shoot” him in Florida? Do you know if there’s a breeding pop. there now?

    Just curious ’cause
    every year we get more and more in coastal La. No complaints from me, though. They’re primarily seed eaters–thus great in a gumbo.

    Just wondering….?

  2. Mike, indeed Domestic duck is fatty. But wild duck is extremely lean. On top of that, I always skin (rather than pluck)them, removing what little fat they have. Results in lean, healthy, preservative and hormone-free, free-range meat, similar to lean beef in taste, but healthier. Dy-no-mite on the grill too, as duck-k-bobs, my specialty.

    We’re getting more and more roseatte spoonies in La. too. Not a game species, obviously, but just having them around greatly “brightens up” our hunting/fishing trips.

    Great pics….I’m blown away.

  3. Just visited the site. You do very nice work. Excellent lighting on the cityscapes. IR shots simply outstanding.

  4. Bert, if I ever make it out to Louisiana, I’m headed to your door for some of that cajun cooking you keep raving about. I like it damn spicy.

    Let me know if you have a killer Cajun Mary recipe.

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