Our Man Marco

With respect to the Republican primary for Florida Senate seat the argument has been that Crist would be the better candidate more likely to win the overall election and thus, GOPers have been urged to support the Obama loving Governor. Well, Redstate begs to differ and the title to their article says it all:

Rasmussen Makes It Official: Marco Rubio More Electable Than Charlie Crist


You can help make it happen, donate to Marco’s campaign, right here.


7 thoughts on “Our Man Marco”

  1. This nonsensical argument is so prevalent among republican establishment people that it is becoming dangerous. Newt Gingrich and the RNC support the liberal Republican in NY because it is better to have any republican than to have a dem. They never learn. That’s why I give nothing to the RNC. I only give to the Club for Growth. Rubio is a Club candidate.It is also why I am finished with Newt. Let Newt be a pundit and nevermore a candidate.
    Lou Dobbs had on the luscious Jeri Thompson, wife of the candidate for president. She was great. I hope she runs for congress someday. Dobbs spent the whole interview trying to corner her to admit that supporting the conservative in NY means that she would rather see a dem win than the liberal rep. She ducked the answer and I think she was right to. But what was he doing? Why didn’t he let her promote the conservative? Everyone assumes Hoffman will not win. Even if he loses this time, he will not the next time and, yes, I would rather have the dem win than the liberal rep. There, I said it. Let the left dems get all of the blame for the mess we are in.

  2. I won’t hold out hope as there is a possibility he (Like any other politician) can always become corrupt.. Only time will tell. For now, he’s my pick for senator.

  3. I’m quite a bit off the Marco bandwagon after I found out about some very homophobic remarks he made to a friend of mine that runs the local affiliate of GOProud – Sunshine Republicans. This is a gay conservative group that normally is not hypersensitive about a candidates stands on hot button issues such as gay marriage, etc., provided they are not actively homophobic. According to my friend at Sunshine Republicans, they ahd prepared an event for Marco Rubio to speak at. It seems that no one in Rubio’s camp bothered to look up the group’s web site and apparently had no idea they were a gay Republican group. The campaign manager supposedly called my friend and stated they were cancelling the appearance in front of a “fag” group. I sent a long letter to the campaign asking for an explanation – no response and it has now been almost a week. I’ve given almost $1,000 to his campaign and repeatedly asked him to make his social views known, but the campaign was content to keep the campaign centeres on economic issues. However, it is now apparent that the Rubio campaign is going to adopt the same homophobic attitude that has cost the Republican Party so much in recent elections. Most Americans no longer fear gay people and most know of gay couples and are not threatened by their relationships. I must say, I am extremely disappointed with Rubio’s non-response to me personally. The Sunshine Republicans have kept the insult largely low-key, but I think it’s time we start letting people know how his campaign thinks. Because in spite of how you might feel as a “Christian” that finds homosexuality abherrant behavior – all we ask is that you treat us with the same respect you show Jews, Hindus, Muslims and others you might also feel are condemned to hell. Marco – you’re so passe in your attitudes it is beyond disappointing…

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