Don’t pack your bags yet, Mel

In what can only be described as the typical fantastical hyperbole for which the left is so infamous, the return of the legally deposed wannabe-dictator-for-life, Mel “The Jews are trying to kill me” Zelaya is NOT a done deal. In fact, the so-called agreement the MSM has been touting all day actually makes the return of Zelaya to power even more unlikely.

If you read the articles from the major news sources you will see a small, yet very important detail that they have buried under their glee and celebratory proclamations. The agreement between Honduras’ legal government and the outlaw Zelaya stipulates that the Honduran congress, with guidance from the Honduran Supreme Court, will vote to determine whether or not to allow Zelaya to return.

You heard that right: the Honduran congress and Supreme Court. The same institutions that voted to oust the criminal Zelaya in the first place.

But such an important detail merited only a sentence in this Reuters article that appears after 7 paragraphs celebrating the return to power of a dictator.

Under the agreement, the issue has been left up to the Honduran Congress to determine “when, if and how” Zelaya returns to office, Shannon said.

So make yourself comfortable at the Brazilian embassy, Mel. It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere.

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  1. Alberto, I don’t know what papers or web sites you read, but from the start I have seen the MSM make frequent mention of the fact that Congress must approve this.

    Some interesting further details here, suggesting that the Congress may in fact vote in support of this (but of course, time will tell):

    The power-sharing agreement reached late Thursday calls for Congress to decide whether to reinstate the leftist Mr. Zelaya. While the legislature backed his June 28 ouster, congressional leaders have since said they won’t stand in the way of an agreement that ends Honduras’ diplomatic isolation and legitimizes presidential elections planned for Nov. 29.

    Under the plan, a government of national unity would take office to oversee the elections and the transition to the next president, who will be inaugurated in January. Neither Mr. Zelaya nor interim President Roberto Micheletti is running; the front-runner is lawmaker Porfirio Lobo of the National Party to which both Mr. Zelaya and Mr. Micheletti belong.

    “We are willing to be co-operative in Congress with the agreement of the negotiators,” Mr. Lobo said Friday. “The best decision for Honduras will be taken.”

  2. Cubabuzz:

    Just read the headline of the article you linked to and quoted in your comment.

    “Power sharing pact appears to end Honduras coup standoff”

    If you read this, and all the other headlines, you would think it’s a done deal. I, for one, am not so sure the Honduran congress is going to be so willing to make a 180-degree change. If they feel they have to “reinstate” Zelaya in order to get the world to stop extorting them, they may just vote to give him the title of president for a few weeks with no executive powers whatsoever.

    I could be wrong, and if I am, it would be a huge travesty of justice. Especially when the US played such a vital role in destroying democracy in Honduras.

  3. So are you saying I should keep the reciept for the celebratory Che shirt I just bought 😉 (tongue+cheek)

  4. Unfortunately

    suitcases of money

    from Chavez

    and the death threats

    from the other commies

    could sway this …

    let us hope not.

  5. Perhaps it was the murder of Micheletti’s nephew that turned the tide, but do you not think that these tactics may sway the Congress toward Zelaya. Zelaya is acting far too confidant regarding this congressional decision. Something tells me that this is a done deal. i hope I am wrong.

  6. “Perhaps it was the murder of Micheletti’s nephew that turned the tide”

    Why? What were his politics? You do realize that Micheletti’s niece, Karina, the sister of the young man (Enzo) who was assassinated, is a member of the so-called “Front of Resistance Against the Coup d’etat”? So unless you know for sure, we can’t just assume that Enzo supported Micheletti. Because clearly other relatives in the family were opposed to Micheletti.

    To be honest, I was surprised to learn the above. But there you have it. Politics is very strange, and can easily divide families.

  7. They should place him in custody as soon as they can physically get their hands on him. He’s a criminal, that’s it. Let him get a lawyer (Obama appointed) and defend himself. He’s an ex-president now, according to the Constitution he violated. Nothing else should be said, no deals!

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