“Bloqueo?” “Embargo?”–Hah! Neither says Obama U.N. Rep!

For years, crackpots, revanchists, intransigents, hard-liners, Mc Carthyites, Batistianos, Falangists, Machadistas, Fascists, Somozistas, Pinochet-istas, Rolando Masferrer-istas, Sanchez-Mosqueristas, Rafael Trujillo-istas, Papa Doc Duvalier-istas, Perez-Jimenez-istas, Rojas-Pinilla-istas, Stroessner-istas, Contra-istas, Franco-istas, Metaxas-istas, Pilsudski-istas, Horthy-istas, Jonas Savimbi-istas, CzarNicholas-istas, Chiang-Kai-Chek-istas, Nguyen Van Thieu-istas, Synghman Rhee-istas, Reagan-istas, Goldwater-istas, etc. etc. etc.–have been bellowing that there’s no such–even remotely–a thing as a a U.S. Embargo of Cuba.

Well, now we KNOW it’s true!!…

Why? You ask.

Because now the identical claim issues from an Obama-ista, (U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice) and at the most hallowed and breath-takingly sacred of all multi-lateral forums: The United Nations:

“I must address two significant distortions in the Cuban position. First, my delegation (U.S.) regrets that the delegation from Cuba continues to label inappropriately and incorrectly U.S. trade restrictions on Cuba as an act of genocide…Second, it is erroneous to charge that U.S. sanctions are the cause of deprivation among the Cuban people. The U.S. maintains no restriction on humanitarian aid to Cuba. In fact, the U.S. is a major source of humanitarian assistance to the Cuban people and the largest provider of food to Cuba.

In 2008, the United States exported agricultural products, medical devices, medicine, wood, and humanitarian items to Cuba. In agricultural products alone, the United States sold $700.1 million of goods to Cuba. Once again, in 2008, the United States was Cuba’s fifth largest trading partner.


4 thoughts on ““Bloqueo?” “Embargo?”–Hah! Neither says Obama U.N. Rep!”

  1. Humberto,
    Your rant – wow. But even more wowable is what Susan Rice said.
    As for Frank Rich, it is for people like him I want the right to win over and over, just so we can make him eat his heart out. He always manages to see the hypocrisies of the right; yet never notices the myriad double standards of those on his side. At least our hypocrites will cut taxes and maybe reverse the Obama train wreck somewhat.
    The paper of all the news that’s fit to print, ha. So what else is new?

  2. But surely Barack Hussein “Walks on water” Obama cannot be blamed for this. The evil “intransigent,” “right-winged” “fascist” Miami Mafia must somehow be at fault for this official U.S. position.

    As Gore Vidal said, Obama is too intelligent to be the president of the US people, and he would never opt for anything but total capitulation and acquiescence to the tyranny which is the official mainstream media position as echoed time and time again by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Newsweek, Time Magazine and of course that Grand Dame of the American media, the venerable Old Grey Lady, the New York Times!

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