Slap-in-the-Face to Castroite/MSM/Think-Thank Propaganda by (island) Cubans Themselves!


“But…but..but don’t you blockheaded intransigents realize the embargo allows Castro to blame the U.S for Cuba’s economic woes??!!”

“But..But..but don’t you blockheaded intransigents realize that things are getting better in Cuba with the pragmatic and Chinese-model- infatuated-Raul at the helm??!!”

Sorry, “moderate and enlightened parties”, but according to a clandestine poll, 70 per cent of island Cubans, are with us Insufferable Intransigents (!!!)

Here, Castro’s own subjects deliver a devastating SOPLA-MOCO (!!!) to all “enlightened” parties.


(Granted, this wasn’t a Bendixen poll)

7 thoughts on “Slap-in-the-Face to Castroite/MSM/Think-Thank Propaganda by (island) Cubans Themselves!”

  1. Why would 30% like the regime? And who conducted the poll, or rather who was allowed to conduct the poll and publish it?

  2. Yesterday, I spoke to a friend who’s mother from Cuba came to visit him for a month. His mother concurs with the poll: she says that the economic situation has gotten worst under Raul [if that’s possible!] and that the repression has gotten worst too [if that’s possible as too!]

    So much for Raul the reformer.

  3. From the very start Raul was always the more hardline of the brotherly duo. Fidel used this to his advantage by announcing from the very start that Raul would be his replacement. Thus if the CIA assassinated Fidel they would always have to ensure that they could get Raul at the same time or he would be worse than Fidel.

    Back when Fidel was a prep school utopian idealist flirting with Marx, Raul was taking trips to the Soviet Union and admiring Stalin. While Fidel would occasionally have someone else shoot a few guys for him at a time … Raul used a bulldozer to dig a trench and mowed down 70 + POW’s into it in one batch.

    I’m not sure why any of the Cuban experts thought Raul would be a reformer, when history showed that in fact Fidel was always the more pragmatic and less rigid of the two.

  4. Why would 30% like the regime?

    I wouldn’t be surpsied if it were even higher. The system has alot of built in “incentives” to create cooperation from certain people. After decades of that type of system, a great % of the people come to feel comfortable with it – until they can be deprogramed and experience an alternative. + Those who cooperate with the regime can live pretty well on the island – especially with remittances from Miami which allows them to live like Kings among the peasants.

  5. Honey,

    (genuine) Cuban dissident groups conducted the poll. They musta got fed up with all those media and academic “Cuba experts” constantly putting words in the Cuban peoples’ mouths–and having them dutifully broadcast worldwide by the usual news agencies.

    Hence: don’t look for any MSM broadcast of this poll–heaven fobid!!!

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