But no U.S. Visas for Hondurans…..

A notorious Castro-regime pet, Omara Portuondo (as swinish and collaborationist as Juanes’ buddies Silvio Rodriguez and Juan Formell) is in the U.S. and will be a presenter at the Latin Grammy’s.

Whew! Good thing no Honduran musicians got nominated! They’d never have gotten a U.S. visa. Only Stalinist qualify, you see.

Absolutely Un-Freakin-Real!

7 thoughts on “But no U.S. Visas for Hondurans…..”

  1. You gotta a problem with this woman as a Latin Grammy presenter? Take it to Emilio Estefan and see if he can help you.

  2. Oh, and don’t be surprised if she takes the opportunity to publicly thank Juanes and company for their damn concert, which may get her a standing ovation. And yes, just like Silvio and Amaury, she signed the public letter supporting the summary execution of three young black Cuban men whose “crime” was attempting to escape from the Castro slave plantation. They were executed, and she has their blood on her hands. But of course, she’s just a singer; she’s not political or anything. Vile bitch.

  3. Oh, and if she plays her cards right, I suppose Miami-Dade College might name a music scholarship after her, just like it did for another Castro canary, Elena Burke.

  4. Note also that Portuondo is a “person of color,” but she still backed Massah Fidel’s executions of those young black men. The woman should be an artist-in-residence at FIU for sure. She’d fit in nicely with other FIU faculty members we all know and love.

  5. Yikes, looks like a failed attempt to mimic Rita Moreno in WSStory. Where’s the fruit? Oh, sorry, forgot, it’s Cuba…..

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