6 thoughts on “It is November 3, 2009. . .”

  1. Well, to be fair, a FEW people aren’t, like the Eastern Europeans, even though they have few if any historical ties to Cuba (unlike the Great Whore, Spain).

  2. Wouldn’t that be the Great PIMP, Spain?

    But seriously, the Czechs, Poles and a few others in Europe are on the right side, Val, but your point is taken. What’s worse, I think there are too many people, especially in the USA, who don’t even realize there are political prisoners in Cuba. That is perhaps the biggest challenge.

  3. Not that it matters, but the pimp is Castro, Inc. Spain will apparently turn any trick for either material gain or sticking it to the US. For Spain, as far as Cuba is concerned, it’s always 1898, or close enough.

  4. For over a hundred years now, people in Spain have been commonly using a popular saying that means, more or less, “It could have been worse.” That saying is “Más se perdió en Cuba.” You do the math.

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