Surprise, surprise, surprise…


Cuba blames embargo for failure to meet financial obligations

CUBA has announced that it has had to defer payments to its international suppliers due to the harsh global economic and financial reality compounded by the US-unilateral embargo.

Opening the 27th Havana International Trade Fair (FIHAV) on Monday, foreign trade and foreign investments minister Rodrigo Malmierca (below) said the fair was taking place in the midst of a global economic crisis of massive proportion adding that it was unknown when the recession would come to an end.

He said due to the complex circumstances arising from the global crisis compounded by the harsh US-imposed commercial, financial and economic blockade, Cuba was unable to pay its debts.

Wow! That is definitely surprising news.

2 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise, surprise…”

  1. Lemmesee Now –

    Castro, Inc. blames the “Pay Cash” Blockade for its woes. Might it also have anything to do with stuff like the Sugar the island no longer grows, and the rest of the list of profitable enterprises the island no longer supports? Inquiring minds would love to know.

  2. The operative phrase for those doing business with Castro is ” When you lay down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas”. The ol’ malapaga siffed them AGAIN!

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