Why last night’s elections don’t matter

Last night’s devastating defeat of Democrat gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey by Republican challengers will have no effect on the majority of Democrats in this country. Although these disastrous losses came just one year after the crescendo of Obamamania, few liberal Democrats will take notice, and even fewer will be able to discern and evaluate these results. To Democrats, the outcome of last night’s elections simply do not matter.

Today will be as blissful as yesterday was, and as blissful as the day before, and perhaps even more blissful than the day before that. After losing the governorship of Virginia and the governorship of the thoroughly Democrat state of New Jersey, liberal Democrats will still find little reason to be concerned. Not because they don’t care, but because they are even less informed than dumbass Republicans.

How can you worry about something you are not aware of? Ignorance truly is a blissful existence.

Just for fun, lets take a stroll down memory lane and watch some Democrats wow us with their firm grasp of current events and their superior political knowledge.

(From Pitbull: more here.)

4 thoughts on “Why last night’s elections don’t matter”

  1. For what it’s worth, a few months back I was in traffic behind a car that had a “Stop Abortion” type bumper sticker on one side and an Obama-Biden campaign sticker on the other. This seemed rather odd, not to say incompatible, until I noticed the driver was black.

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