No more RINOs!

From RedState:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

It is my understanding that the NRSC has endorsed Charlie Crist as its choice for the Republican candidate for Senator in Florida for 2010. How can you endorse anybody at this point? We the people of Florida have not spoken yet. There are many of us in Florida, (probably more than you want) that will vote for Marco Rubio. You may be surprised, but Crist might not be the choice of the people of Florida. Do you want another NY-23 on your watch? How embarrassing it would be for the NRSC.

On the front page of the NRSC website, there is a map of the United States. If you click on Florida, a page with comes up with George LeMieux and Bill Nelson with Charlie Crist right below George that says he will be next. Can you get anymore pompous ass than that? How do you know the choice of the people of Florida will be Charlie Crist? Maybe Florida’s choice will be Marco Rubio. You are making a big mistake assuming that Crist has it wrapped up at this point.

You said this to Glenn Thrush with Politico.

“As far as what’s happening in specifically Florida — we made a decision to endorse Gov. Crist at his request. But we’e really not involved in the primary,” Cornyn told Manu. “That’s up to the voters in Florida.”

“[A]t his request.” Are you kidding me? Well, I request that you endorse Marco Rubio. Why is Charlie’s request any more important or relevant than mine?? Huh??

As a Florida Republican, I demand that you remove the picture of Charlie Crist from the web page mentioned above OR include the other Republican candidates that are also running.

This is an absolutely stupid blunder by the NRSC and you as the leader should be embarrassed. I would fix it if I were you, this speaks to your leadership and rest completely on your shoulders.

There are millions upon millions of us that are sick and tired of RINOs. I can assure you that we will be heard from, from now on.



4 thoughts on “No more RINOs!”

  1. Oh, the outrage!!!!

    “”There are millions upon millions of us that are sick and tired of RINOs. I can assure you that we will be heard from, from now on.””

    Yes, and we definitely must be heard. We have stood silently like good little boys and girls while the cancer and corruption has eaten away all true conservative thinking.

    We ought to be backing this up by flooding the NRSC with emails and petitions. What a shame and travesty to have them offer up support based on “at his request”. The nerve!!

  2. This is.a tactic that insults my intelligence. His picture is clearly there so all who view it whether they speak english or not think “Hey, I should vote for this guy!” I hope Rubio surpasses Crist, and everyone votes Rubio making Lemieux like a retard, and Crist like a passing phase..

  3. From TIME Magazine:

    Ten Races That Have Republicans Worried for 2010: Vulnerable Republicans

    Charlie Crist (Florida)

    Even before he announced his candidacy, Florida Governor Charlie Crist was the darling of the GOP establishment. The National Republican Senatorial Committee endorsed him nearly a year before the August 2010 primary, inciting outrage among Sunshine State conservatives who had hoped to see Florida House speaker Mario Rubio run. Rubio, a camera-ready 38-year-old son of Cuban immigrants, decided to challenge Crist, calling out the moderate GOP governor for his support of President Obama’s economic-stimulus plan. Today Rubio is surging, pulling even in fundraising — thanks to some help from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and the antitax group Club for Growth — and he’s halved his polling gap with Crist from 30 to 15 percentage points. Crist, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to distance himself from his previous support of the stimulus and appearance with Obama.,28804,1935786_1935775_1935750,00.html

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