Dismal Failure


Can anyone explain to me why this pathetic excuse for a President insists on not just reforming the healthcare sytem, but completely overhauling it to a government run system – and we all know (given just two recent example vis-a-vis Cash for Clunkers and the H1N1 fearmongering BS) how capable the government is at THAT – instead on maybe focusing on the massive unemployment problem?

Is President Shout Out deliberately using the job loss situation to force upon us the government mandated healthcare?

5 thoughts on “Dismal Failure”

  1. In the words of Rahm Ballerina Emanuel, never let a crisis go to waste. Manufactured crises have been favorite platforms of dictators in the past; sometimes they are real and other times imagined (e.g., 48 million “Americans without healthcare”).

    The question is not so much “why” he’s doing what he’s doing, but can he help but do what he does? The answer is NO, he’s an idealogue hellbent on his one-track pinhead agenda; he has red hot blinders on and he only goes in one direction. Nothing that he plans and tries to implement should be any surprise. We ask “why” because we examine things and reason; but he’s not like the rest of us, he doesn’t operate like that. He doesn’t give a d***, he’s charging like a bull and dragging the country with him. Or trying to.

  2. I think they should attack healthcare with incremental legislations. For example, pass something small first that takes care of a few dings – tort reform, competition across state lines. See how that does, and then based on the results see what problem you have now that needs to get fixed.

    This insistence on spending this massive amount of dollars NOW and this insistence on having a government run plan es de locos completamente.

  3. The leftist majority will never pass something like tort reform. Never. The tort litigation lobby will never allow it; they have these politicians in their back pockets and pour small fortunes into their coffers. Because the left is in charge, you will not see incremental changes; they want sweeping, large, earth-shattering change and they want it fast, so that you and I won’t have time to look at it and object. We won’t know what hit us, and by then, it would be too late – it’s a deadly ingenious plan. They’ve served notice on us that this is what they are after, and they have made good on their words. Now is probably their best chance to implement their agenda, because of the majority they have, and they know it.

  4. Looks like (at least so far, but probably just) one RINO voted for the health care bill tonight.

    Any guesses on who that RINO is?

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