What’s next, Charlie?

So I’m driving back to the office early this afternoon after some morning meetings down south and I’m flipping through radio stations, enjoying the relatively light traffic I rarely see on my route. As usual, with all the radio stations in South Florida and satellite radio, I still can’t find anything to listen to until I come across a political ad for our very own governor, Charlie Crist.

In this radio ad, former Florida senator Connie Mack comes on and give us some dubious statistics regarding Crist’s record in Tallahassee. But the best part they saved for last when Charlie himself comes on and proclaims the following:

I’m Charlie Crist and I’ve got three words for our president: Enough is enough. We can’t spend our way into prosperity or tax our way into growth. Let’s take some Florida common sense and bring it to Washington: Let’s cut federal spending and let you decide who to spend your own money. Less government, less spending, more freedom. Let’s get back to basics.

Wow… talk about a flip-flop.

What happened to those three words when you met Obama face-to-face in Ft. Myers earlier this year, Charlie? While you stood there with your hand out begging for some free cash, I don’t recall you saying “enough is enough, Mr. President.”

It’s not that Charlie was at a loss of words that day because he did have plenty to say about spending our way to prosperity and taxing our way into growth.

It’s getting harder every day, and we know that it’s important that we pass a stimulus package. It’s important…

It is important that we do so to help education, to help our infrastructure… and to help health care for those who need it the most, the most vulnerable among us.

And let me finish by saying, Mr. President, we need to do it in a bipartisan way. This issue of helping our country is about helping our country. This is not about partisan politics. This is about rising above that, helping America, and reigniting our economy.

Ah… But that was then and this is now, right Charlie? Back then you did what you had to do to get some of that stimulus cash. Now things are different. Now you want to be a senator and those heady days of embracing Obama and his stimulus package are mucking things up.

What other choice do you have now than to say you’re against Obama style spending? You have to do what you have to do to get what you want, right, Charlie?

So what’s next? What else are you willing to do, who else are you willing to hug to get what you want?

Florida voters would really like to know, Charlie.

4 thoughts on “What’s next, Charlie?”

  1. 610 AM WIOD had a bunch of Crist ads today. Someone’s getting desperate. Funny how he’s now all “Oh Obama has gone way too far. Enough is enough.” and all that noise. The Govs not dissuading me from voting in Marco Rubio, that’s for sure.

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