3 thoughts on “Armando Valladares-Castro’s Gulag”

  1. I just finished watching Che. It was on tv so I didn’t have to pay for it or sit through it in one sitting. Egad.
    I would like to sentence Soderberg to some time in the Cuban gulag.
    Aside from the self indulgent intolerable length and idiocy of this movie is its total dishonesty from first minute to last.
    It’s like making a movie about Hitler at length and including only that he was an idealist who loved dogs, children and poetry and was a painter.
    Anyone who says he actually sat through this movie with relish is insane or a liar.
    As I said elsewhere the first half hour I kept laughing out loud thinking it was like a SNL skit.
    The movie reminded me a lot of this administration which talks a good game about caring and all that crap, but is doing everything it can to destroy freedom for the American people and hurt free people everywhere. It also comes out of the same playbook of all left wingers who hate America and blame this country for everything and find nothing good to say about it.
    Ziva, this video was so moving and painful. It was about real heroism unlike the manufactured fictional heroism of Che.

  2. Ziva, when I read his book, it took me almost 5 weeks to finish reading it. I usually read pretty fast and can finish a book in just a few hours, but this one was so painful, that I would just read a few pages and I would have to put it down as my chest would start to hurt and I would not be able to control the tears. Thank you Ziva for your dedication to Cuba’s freedom. Hopefully soon we can both have a mojito while sitting at Varadero in a Free and Democratic Cuba! Hope is something we can never give up.

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