Oliver Stone and castro

Check out Oliver Stone's face!
Check out Oliver Stone's face!
A delightful read!
A delightful read!

Paris Match recently procured privileged access and ran a bunch of castro pics.

I call your attention to Oliver Stone’s face. Have you ever seen such a NAUSEATINGLY OBSEQUIOUS look on ANYONE’s face??!!

When the young Vito Corleone, “asks” landlord Signor Roberto: “And the dog stays, RIGHT?” The poor Signor Roberto’s look couldn’t compare to Stone’s in this picture.



Update Pitbull: I saw this image on Telemundo last week. The cadaverous one is reading a translation of Obama’s Dreams from my father.

4 thoughts on “Oliver Stone and castro”

  1. Osequiousness is just a side effect. The underlying disease is a very toxic mixture of perversity, arrogance and stupidity, made far worse by the enabling powers of fame and fortune. Needless to say, neither Stone nor anyone in a comparable position would EVER do this sort of thing if Castro were a right-wing tyrant. The fact he’s still every inch a tyrant makes no difference, because truth is beside the point here. This is about fashion, image and “correctness.” Truth is for chumps like Jose Marti. People like Stone and Spielberg obviously know better.

  2. what sean penn couldn’t get face time but Oliver Stone could? Outrageous? Actor’s Guild should sue for equal access! Funny how Stone thinks Nixon was a monster for covering up a break in at a hotel but thinks Castro’s one cool dude for killing thousands and exiling 1/10 of his country’s population.

  3. Well, I suppose Fidel knows a thing or two about dubious fathers, though his father did considerably more for him than Obama’s father ever did (not that that’s saying much).

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