5 thoughts on “Can you imagine?”

  1. Well, if Obama didn’t know the number of states, how’s he supposed to know stuff like the number of districts in Arizona? I mean, please. What are you, racist or something?

  2. Imaginate! And don’t forget Comemierda Czar De No Se Que’s comment: “I scrubbed the numbers so much I have pan hands.. buah ha ha.” Moron.

    I’m sure we’ll soon hear how this is Obama’s “X” moment; the X, of course, relating back to something W did. I submit that in his less than one year in office, Barry has already had more “oops” moments than W had in all his 8 years. What’ll the great one do next?!? Stay tuned kids..

  3. Districts that don’t exist, paper money that has no worth, bloated bureaucracy producing nothing, stimulus spending without accountability, “a jobless recovery,” foreign policy trips without any results… yawn. Another boring day in socialist paradise.

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