Cuban regime DISSIDENTS vs. Cuban regime OPPONENTS, on the “embargo.”

Cuban regime OPPONENT Antunez and wife
Cuban regime OPPONENT Antunez and wife

Cuban regime dissident, Yoani Sanchez who recently got a little bo-bo from regime security:

“lifting the travel ban could give better results in bringing democracy to Cuba than Raul’s indecisive measures. Both Cubans and Americans will benefit”

From this article where she comes out boldly on the side of Peters, Delahunt, Marifeli, Wilhelm, etc. and bites the Cuban-American legislative and lobbying hand that helps promote her work and her travails.

Here’s sister of Cuban opponent Antunez whose little bo-bos include 17 years in Castro’s dungeon’s, with a few more added bo-bos, such as: “His (my brother Antunez’) beatings were always accompanied by racial epithets. They set dogs on him. They denied him medical attention. They kept him from attending his mother’s funeral.”

Here’s Antunez’ sisters’ remarks from
yesterday’s hearing:

“I believe this is not the time for the United States government to transform its policy regarding travel to Cuba. Indeed, those who, in good faith, believe that by doing this they will help the Cuban people, are mistaken. I say this as someone who was born and lived all her life in Cuba until a short time ago, and I am speaking to you about the reality I know well. Throughout all my life, I have faced and confronted the prison wardens, the State Security agents, the military personnel and agents of repression who are the true face of the regime. I know the regime’s contempt for the Cuban people, and how they show no mercy to those of us who are black. The experiences I have lived through do not allow me to fall under the spell of the regime’s sophisticated diplomats, agents of influence in key positions, or of its professional propagandists…For years, European, Canadian and Latin American tourists have traveled to Cuba without having any impact on the Cuban reality.”

Regarding “respectable” opinion, I note that the white, slender Yoani Sanchez could easily pass for a model in Cosmo, Elle or Paris Match, while Antunez is well……

And regarding this “respectable” opinion from a while back, I note that Fidel Castro is a tall, lilly-white gallego and Ernesto Guevara the grandson of Spanish Grandees, while Batista and many of his officials were sleazy mulattos or worse.

so just ‘wonderin here……….

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  1. So, you’ve shown that the regime is racist in its treatment of political opponents when it chooses which ones to abuse and mistreat. Is this news? Does this imply something sinister about Yoani, or about the regime? Is it not possible for Cubans to have genuine differences of opinion on US foreign policy?

    And what’s a bo-bo?

  2. Humberto,

    I read your article “Che Guevara’s Whacking — A Glorious Anniversary” and loved it!


  3. Humberto, once again you are spot on…as a point of reference see the comments thread and my remarks yesterday below, butressing your points:

    Moreover, as grandson and son of two Brigade 2506 members, both of which worked with Pres Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar, in the presidential palace, your point about Batista’s racial make up is quite apropos.

    Oddly, enough Mr. Manos Liempas, Oscar Haza, who loves to fawn over ex agents and ministers of Raul and Fidel, touched the subject of race, via the engendered Panfilo videos, but NEVER even mentioned Batista!!!

  4. Thanks for the notes, amigos. And I know what you mean regarding the “al fin le pisaron los callos” crowd of ex-Castroites on Miami TV.

    But they often have useful disclosures. To wit: “lifting of the U.S. travel ban would be a great gift to the Castros.” (Alcibiades Hidalgo from back in 2002)


  5. What the hell is wrong with us that we can’t support our own? How are we ever going to promote plurality and diversity in Cuba, when in exile we are fighting amongst ourselves, putting down one of the most prominent anti-castro voices out there?

    Let me quote
    “Regardless of any disagreement that we may have regarding U.S. policy towards Cuba, we certainly respect your right to voice that disagreement, as we’re confident you respect our right to disagree.

    That is the diversity of our views (and the roots of a future democracy).

    Yet, any disagreement is minimal within the context of our fundamental agreement that the human rights of the Cuban people must be respected; that an end to the Castro regime’s brutal dictatorship is imminent; and that a process of democratic change must take place.

    That is the unity of our purpose. “

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