More U.S. Visas, for Stalinist apparatchiks.

Formell and buddies (Hes second from left)
Formell and buddies (He's second from left)

Juan Formell makes Alicia Alonso look like a Cuban dissident. His Castro regime asskissery revolts all who witnessed it up-close (just ask Arturo Sandoval and Paquito d’ Rivera.)

Formell signed in favor of the firing-squad murder (the term “execution” implies some form of judicial process, you see. And as Che Guevara made very clear to his tribunals in La Cabana “judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail,” hence my use of the term murder) of the three hapless black youths who tried to escape Cuba in 2003

…and on, and on, and on, regarding Juan Formell’s prompt and enthusiastic compliance with every Castro directive.

This Castro court jester is visiting Miami.

Let the state-sponsor-of terrorism and Stalinist regime that craved (twice) to nuke the U.S., that jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s, that murdered at a higher rate than pre-WWII Hitler’s, that infests U.S. agencies with spies to peddle our military secrets to foreign terrorists–let these fine folks request a U.S. visa and it’s issued post-haste.

But FEAR NOT!!!!!

The ramparts are well guarded against Hondurans! Against the painstakingly constitutional and democratic government that foiled a Chavez/Castro plot, that probably saved one of the U.S.’ most important military bases in the process, and who helped Reagan defeat Castro/Soviet proxies in Central America–against these latter dangerous scoundrels, the Obama team remains intransigent, quite recalcitrant, quite hard-line, with their bloqueo of U.S. visas to its citizens and especially its officials.


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  1. Mega hypocrisy and severe, self-destructive double standards reign supreme among the liberal-left in this country and throughout the world. Humberto, thanks for constantly pointing it out in that hard-hitting style of yours. I see that it irritates some of the pathetic, hand-wringing, cowardly apologists that occasionally spew their ignorance on this blog. Watch them try to defend the visit of that disgusting piece of shit Formell, and every other die-hard supporter of that horrific regime and it’s broke-dick system. They’ll slobber all over themselves trying to attack your observations while defending the indefensible – like good little enablers that they are.

    Keep dishing it out Humberto!

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