European Vultures

From CNN, the title and opening paragraph pretty mush says it all:

EU official suggests shift in policy on Cuba

(CNN) — A European Union commissioner Monday told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Europe’s policy toward Cuba in the future will place less emphasis on human rights in the island nation than now.

Cubans, you see, aren’t human and don’t deserve being treated as such.

6 thoughts on “European Vultures”

  1. His is the Jeff Flake standard. We trade with others who are oppressive, why should we treat Cuba differently? And secretly we think Castro prefers the embargo because it gives him a propaganda tool.

  2. This is unfrigging real! The message being, ” Hey we tried, the Castro brothers just won’t listen, we are not going to miss out on all the cheap women,deals and ventures just because of that, we can sidestep the Cuban people as if they din’t exist! We have the beaches all to ourselves, the shows, the boutiques, Hey it don’t get any better than that……..

  3. In others words……Que se jodan los Cubanos. Money is what counts .


  4. “His comments come amid indications that Spain, which will hold the presidency of the EU for six months beginning in January 2010, intends to soften the organization’s policy toward Cuba.

    What’s to “soften?” Europe already trades, extends credit, allows unfettered travel to Cuba??



  5. LESS emphasis?? Since when have the Europeans EVER given a crap? (With certain exceptions, like the Czechs, etc.)

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