Obama takes another meeting on Afghanistan

How many American service members are going to die while the Commander in Chief  equivocates?   While our sons and daughters are on the front line short staffed, Obama wavers because:

The president faces conflicting pressures on Afghanistan.

So he meets with the V.P., the Secretary of State, the Defense Secretary, and one would hope someone from the Pentagon. 

 It was the ninth such meeting as Obama considers whether to add as many as 40,000 troops to an eight-year-old war that began after the September 11 attacks  and that has begun to try the patience of Americans. 

Really, the Commander in Chief is considering.  Shouldn’t he be deciding?  Isn’t that what leaders do?   It must be so hard to decide what is more important, pleasing his radical anti-war base or protecting and defending the nation.  What a wuss.