The inevitably Marxist zoo

I discovered this blog today, thanks to Read this insightful commentary by Michael Moriarty. (Yes, that one. The actor.)

If we pull back the veil from the Progressive Movement, we are obliged to see its totalitarian aims.

The Progressives and their hidden, long-term eugenics strategies, begun by the Supreme Court’s revolting opinions in the Buck v Bell and Roe v Wade decisions, are the ultimate products of a turn of the century Liberalism that became infected with the Victorian Francis Galton’s dream of a Super Human Race. Fin-de-siècle Vienna and that city’s broiling intellectual and artistic explosions captured much of this growing nightmare.

Vienna’s cross-breeding of Liberalism with racial supremacy theories, matched by Wall Street’s clandestine admiration for Marx’s totalitarian grip upon the “intelligentsia” … out of this a wealthy and American Radical Chic created the euphemism of “Progressive.”

Hitler’s horrific inhumanity in 1940’s Europe forced the intellectual supremacists, or “enlightened despots” as Voltaire would have labeled them had he been alive at the time, to go underground. To call themselves Liberal was safe … but it was only half the story.

America’s elbow-rubbing with supremacists of any kind created its own secret elite … and that “Radical Chic” is now “Progressive.”

George Soros admits to having been partly raised by Nazi’s in Hungary. His ability, as a teenager, to somehow accommodate his Jewish roots with his errands for the Third Reich … hmmm … such a genius – and I believe it would take genius to rationalize a genocidal contradiction in terms – such complexity is required in order to succeed simultaneously as a Marxist and the most successful Capitalist in the Free Market. He is renowned for almost “breaking the Bank of England.”

2 thoughts on “The inevitably Marxist zoo”

  1. I recommend reading the whole article. I forwarded it to my few conservative friends with the comment “one of my favorite actors is also a brain.”
    This is so simple and clear. Too bad so many in this country are not ready to understand this including the big business people who bribe our public officials for their own protection. Disgusting.
    Maybe the Fair tax is the right way to go, after all. That way no one gets any favors. Buy expensive stuff, pay higher taxes. Buy inexpensive stuff, pay lower taxes. Then what kind of favors would big government be able to give? If there were no corporate tax, that lowers the power of government to do a lot of damage.

  2. Let us call him by his real name. Gyorgy Schwartz. A ashkenazi jew who looted the possessions of his fellow ashkenazim on behalf of the Reich. What do you think he’d do to you mere goyim?

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