Cuban Dissident Groups United

Since the following news item has nothing to do with the embargo or the lifting of travel sanctions, the majority of the arbiters of “truth” – the MSM – are ignoring it. However, Newsmax speaks truth to power:

Cuban Dissident Groups Unite, Decry Repression

HAVANA — Activists from 32 little-known organizations opposed to Cuba’s communist government issued a call for an end to social repression on the island at a Thursday gathering in the home of a prominent human rights activist.

The event took place in the western Havana home of internationally known activist Francisco Chaviano, a veteran Cuban dissident who was released in 2007 after 13 years in prison.

Participants crowded into a small room where Chaviano read a statement on behalf of the grass-roots political groups from 10 Cuban provinces.

They demanded free elections, the release of all prisoners held for political motives and full state respect for human rights. The statement also said the only way for Cuba to survive the global economic crisis was for the government to ease bans on private business ownership and free enterprise.

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  1. If only these brave people could have a public demonstration when Jeff Flake or others were there so the international press could see it.
    But I dream…

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