4 thoughts on “Go green, baby! Go green!”

  1. Rinos are lefties as far as I’m concerned. I call a big tent in the Republican party one that includes anyone who believes in less government spending, smaller government and lower taxes. So Rinos are lefties and I don’t want them in our party anymore. I will allow those who give us advice to smirk as they think I am asking for my party to shrink. I thank them for their concern. But I believe we will just get a realignment. This country is center right and I believe firmly that a party that includes what I like will draw independents and all other rightists to it. Let Rinos and other lefties all go to the other party. With that realignment I believe we will still win big. Every democrat ran with rhetoric to the right of McCain because they know where America is. With my realignment we can prove that America is with us. And we will have a big tent alright.
    My point was I don’t like these sweeping “throw them all out” phrases. It took a lot of effort and money to get the Pences and Bachmanns into congress and I don’t want the baby thrown out with the bathwater.

  2. That’s right,

    Lets get the lefty garbage out of Congress next year and in 2012 get the Marxist anti-American bullshit artist out of office and replace them with politicians that care for our country and its people; no nonsense politicians with conservative pro-America traditional values instead of the bunch of shit we have in office today that could care less about our country, its people, its future and our traditional values.

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