10 thoughts on “The Val is exhausted and stressed open thread”

  1. Well, the AGW folks have stubbed their toes and are in the process of falling down a couple of flights of stairs…

  2. Here’s a couple:

    A West Point cadet writes this in response to Chris Matthews’s “enemy camp” remark:

    View From West Point: We Are Not The Enemy

    by Ben Salvito


    Also, in case everyone at this fine community hasn’t heard, we have Navy SEALs being attacked right now for doing their duty, and now falsly accused. A protest will be held Monday (Dec. 7) outside their Courts Marshal (that THEY demanded instead of a closed door rebuke that would have gone on their records) in Norfolk, Virginia


  3. There’s always the #1 Florida Gators playing for the SEC Championship Saturday. And no Les Miles to be seen anywhere – LOL!

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