7 thoughts on “Che Guevara died wearing a Rolex”

  1. The artistic quality of the book looks ok – but I don’t have faith that the book will even attempt to show both sides though.

    As for the rolex – which I believe was a gift from Fidel – I think it is now in the posession of Felix Rodriguez in Miami who took it as a token of the kill in Bolivia.

  2. If the watch was a gift from fc, it was probably stolen goods.
    I can’t help but wonder how many tokens Guevara took of his “kills” in Havana.

  3. Omar, of course the watch was probably stolen or bought with confiscated funds (same thing).

    As for “tokens” taken by Guevara, I am sure there were many.

    As for Felix and Che’s rolex, I saw Felix display the watch at his house during a documentary once – and Felix stated that he wished he would have taken more souveniers like Che’s pipe etc. I guess they make good dinner conversation pieces 🙂

  4. Wearing a rolex…and crying…”Ayyyyyyyy, ayyyyyyyyyyyyy, plis no kil mi. Noooooooooooooo, ayyyyyyyy nooooooooooooo me maten. My papi fidel….he pai mucho money for miiiiiiiiiii. Yes he dooooooooo. Ayyyyyyyyyy, ayyyyyyyyyyy nooo plis no kil mi.”

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