Dr. Darsi Ferrer’s wife arrested

The castro tyrants are cowards who fear and beat women, The Real Cuba Reports:

**BREAKING NEWS** Dr. Dasi Ferrer’s wife arrested

2:20 PM – I was able to get through and spoke with Yusnaimi’s brother.

He said that she left for the march around 10:30 AM EST with another 3 persons.

Before she was able to reach the Parque Villalon, where the demonstration was going to take place, she was detained by State Security agents, beaten and pushed into a Lada automobile, like the ones normally used by Castro’s Gestapo.

The other 3 people who were with her were not detained.

As of now, almost 4 hours later, the family doesn’t know where she is being held.

Yusmaini’s brother also told me that he spoke with Laura Pollán, member of The Ladies in White, and she said that several of the women were beaten this morning when they tried to reach Parque Villalon.

2 PM – I have not been able to reestablish connection with Yusmaini.

Dissident sources in Cuba are reporting that several dissidents that tried to demonstrate at Parque Villalón were arrested and many of them were beaten by police.

The Ladies in White also joined those who were demonstrating this morning to commemorate the International Human Rights Day.

Misceláneas de Cuba has more in Spanish with audio,  the link is here.

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