Georgia Business Boys Wanna Extend Castro some Credit..

That's Fidel on the right--us U.S. Taxpayers on the left..
That's Fidel on the right--us U.S. Taxpayers on the left..

Deliverance was filmed in (Appalachian) Georgia, right? Well, seems like some Georgia businessmen want a sequel.

“American banks can’t give credit to Cuba (laments, Atlanta-based global food exporter AJC International.) Its government must get letters of credit from foreign banks, most often in Europe..If this continues, U.S. firms stand to lose business to other countries like Canada that are beginning to extend limited credit to Cuba..”

Cuba wants to buy from the U.S., where it can get quality goods for competitive prices quickly, Georgia officials said.

State Rep. Tony Sellier, R-Fort Valley, said Cuban officials he met on the recent trip were lobbying hard for stateside help on the credit issue.

Mr. Sellier, who is fluent in Spanish, said the slow credit process saps productivity.

“They’re campaigning with us, that if we can get that part (credit) of it worked out, they can do more business with us”

“WEEEEEEEEE!!!” says Castro…”Come on,U.S taxpayers “WEEEEEE!!!”

UPDATE: “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” just squealed German taxpayers!

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” just squealed the Paris Club of Creditors.

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” just squealed many Spanish businessmen

From superb speech by Bob Menendez just yesterday as passed along by our friends at Capitol Hill Cubans.

(Process in more detail here)

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  1. Credit for Castro, Inc.? Will the Georgia Businessmen extend it themselves WITHOUT a US Taxpayer “Co-Signature?” I thought NOT. -S-

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