Human Rights in Cuba: An interview with Dr. Darsi’s Ferrer’s wife

On December 10, Conversa Cuba Companioni blog radio show covered Cuban human rights day 2009 with Jorge Utset of The Real Cuba, and co-host John O’Donnell Rosales.  They were able to telephone Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, brave wife of jailed Afro Cuban civil rights leader Dr. Darsi Ferrer, and speak with her about the events of that day. From Cuba Companioni, a rough translation of the call with Yusnaimy:

Semi-rough translation from 25:40 – 35:00 minute points with Yuisnaimi Jorge Soca from Havana via Miami to the world.

Yusnaimi: Thank you for Inviting me on the show. At 11:00 am 10 Dec 2009 at the Villalon park between Calzada D&E In Havana Cuba where we’ve had a peace march every year since 2006- Marchers were brutally assaulted and taken to jail cells by police. I was taken to a police station and kept In a calabozo cell from 11am to about 4pm but we protested and yelled out In front of police for human rights.

Although the human rights march was successful marchers were assaulted and detained by secret-police and para-police thugs or turbas that abuse Cuban civil society. Some of my friends were arrested and were incommunicado as of show time.The repression seems to be the only state recourse against these peaceful protests.

Despite this and the repressive and racially discriminatory Castro system more courageous people join the civil rights movement every day- we are not alone. The system seems to be In a sliding state of decadence.

John: listen the world is watching and listening so keep up your courage and know that you are not alone we are all with you – don’t be afraid Things will change peacefully one way or another for Cuba someday soon so keep up your struggle because you are not alone.

Jorge Utset: we know that you could not visit Darsi since you tried going to the march on the day that was a visit day but others went to see him what did they say? how Is Darsi?

Yuisnaimi: He was worried about the march but he encouraged me despite threats and Intimidation against him to have me refrain from marching . Even though I’ve been sick for over five years without resolve and all this struggle I told Darsi that I was determined to march no matter what and he remained confidant In me. State security threatened him to try convincing me to not march but he completely refused their threats and although he’s very worried about me he remains confident In this struggle thank god.

Jorge: You can count on us we admire you and know that we all think of Darsi as our brother and he can count on me In anything we can do to help.

Yuisnaimi: Thank you – even though I was detained from going to the park I shouted respect for human rights In front of the police station- there were other activist brothers detained there with me as well as outside and they helped us -We remained united In our protest throughout .

Jorge Utset:The call will be translated Into English for the north American community and the afro American signers of the document denouncing Cuban racial discrimination and calling for the release of Darsi from prison- rest assured Your efforts will not be In vain this Show will be put online so that all people will know of the abuse of Cuban Human rights by the Castro regime. We will continue to pray for you and supporting your efforts 100% which Is about as much as we can do.

Yusnaimi: we want to thank all those afro American leaders who have signed that document. We thank all of you for all of your efforts not only for supporting Darsi and myself but also for the Cuban people- I think this is a very Important document and we wish everyone’s help continues In our struggle for Human rights here In Cuba we are proud and thankful for all the help that you’ve all been able to give us.

Jorge Utset and Yusnaimi- for 5 years I’ve been denouncing human rights abuses In Cuba as well as the racial discrimination and we’ll be exposing more at all levels we’ll also be helping you out as much as we can- sorry what I’ve sent hasn’t yet arrived- don’t worry Jorge we understand how difficult these things are to help us- we’ll be In touch by phone or Internet. Thank you all bye bye.

Jorge and us: Thanks Jorge for calling Yusnaimi-we need to put the link- we need to do this so that folks can listen to the show- we need to do something and show that the regime continues to repress them and know of her denunciation as well as seeing the abuse and discrimination against Yusnaimi and Darsi – In English and Spanish – we appreciate your efforts with calling Yusnaimi -yes we’ll have this show recorded.

Folks the tryant can roar, but he can no longer hide his deeds.

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  1. The 5 decade long Castro regime tests one faith in peaceful transformation … I am not sure if the apparatus will ever fall peacefully – it may need a violent “spark” first.

  2. The Castros have the weapons and own all the military structures, and more. They proably feel they stand to gain from violent confrontation,and they are probably right, and are ready to provoke it. The Ladies in White, the artists, independent bloggers and the political movements present a non violent challegnge that doesn’t try to match their force and in a sense deflates its power. But they need a lot of external support and growing internal coherence. Teh latter is beginning to take shape up, watch the growing links glogger/artists (Omni Zona Franca)/ Ladies in White/MCL et al.

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