Long night (updated)

Dad called yesterday evening that Mom wasnt feeling well. Her blood pressure and other cardiac vitals were off. She was having trouble breathing.

“Dad, call rescue right now,’ I told him.

He called and I bolted from our home in Kendall over towards mom and dads. Halfway there dad calls and says rescue suggested she go to hospital.

I made it to the emergency room about 30 seconds before rescue despite the distance I traveled.

Im running around the emergency room peeking into every stall and cant find mom. I ask a nurse she goes to nurses station to find info on mom. As she’s in there, rescue guys are wheeling in mom.

She’s lying on a gurney with an IV and a bunch of monitoring thingies all over. She’s awake and alert and for a moment Im relieved.

As she gets closer I can tell by her expression that she’s scared. Then she sees me and now she’s the one that looks a little relieved.

Im holding back tears, trying to maintain my composure as I go up to her gurney and gently holdy mom’s hand.

“Ay, Valen,” she says. “Dame un besito.”

I stroke my mom’s hair back and plant oneonher forehead. She smiles and looks at me with a countenance that said, dont worry, now Im gonna be fine.

Update: Thank all of you guys from the botom of my heart for all the well wishes, support and prayers. We are truly thankful and humbled.

Mom is doing better. Her blood pressure and other vitals are still not perfect, but theyre much better. Theyre keeping her over night once again to try to stabilize her blood pressure and heart rate, and, hopefully, she’ll be back home tomorrow complaining because we wont allow her to get her own house ready for Noche Buena.

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  1. Ditto all the above as well. I’ll be praying for her speedy recovery. Keep an eye on your dad, val. Older man don’t take this things very well.

  2. Val I am at Baptist with my Dad who fell and broke femur on Saturday and had surgery Monday. I will be praying for your mom and wishing her a speedy recovery. Keep us informed.

  3. I hope she gets better soon, Val. You know Cuban mamás, they don’t give up, ever. I wish you and her, and all of your family a great Nochebuena, and a very merry Christmas.

  4. I’m glad to know she’s alright, Val. Que se mejore y que mando un saludo. BTW, I live in West Kendall, bro. Small world.

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