Quote of the day

Gerald Warner in the UK Telegraph talking about the official document released by the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

“If there were not $45trillion of Western citizens’ money at stake, this would be the funniest moment in world history. What a bunch of buffoons. Not since Neville Chamberlain tugged a Claridge’s luncheon bill from his pocket and flourished it on the steps of the aircraft that brought him back from Munich has a worthless scrap of paper been so audaciously hyped.”

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. “…stop issuing three rainforests of press releases every day…” ~ I love reading Warner with his Brit undertone. So on target. He’s just WARMed up my 49-degree morning.

  2. Warner and Lord Monckton have these commie dingbats’ number, kudos to them for their relentless reporting on this globaloney scam.

    This is about Gore, protege of soviet agent Armand Hammer, his pal George ‘Dr. No’ Soros, and their cronies telling endless spook stories to scare people into handing over their liberty and wealth, so that the ever expansive Gore and kleptocratic nazi collaborator soros can add more trillions to their ill gotten portfolios.

    The more this sham summit is seen as a cheape carny shill, the better for our liberty and dwindling wealth.

    You get a good look at these characters? The overt commies all have berets & che T-shirts while the so-called ‘leaders’ look ill groomed nasty little geeks – like you see in mug shots – hinky.

    And they’re the best ‘n brightest, huh?


    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    18 December, 2009

  3. hey! don’t you all realize that the agreement is “unprecedented”? he used that word again. what an idiot – is he going to wear antlers and a foam red nose on an x-mas press conference to do something “unprecedented”?

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