4 thoughts on “Aren’t RINOs grand?”

  1. Can someone please get me out of here? Seriously, if anyone wants to know what the future holds for the US, they only need to look to California, the socialist state of America to how the screwed up policies of politicians with colored light bulbs for brains works for the people.

  2. George,

    Maybe the “Governator” thinks that being a bullshit artist qualifies a person as a “Great Communicator”.

    I think that it is a freaking, incredible and bonehead statement coming from the “Governator”.

    I suspect all that “juice” the “Governator” took during his bodybuilding career is affecting his brain cells these days.

    Or maybe his close association with the Kennedys forced him to make that bonehead remark, who the hell knows, maybe he does not want to be in the doghouse with them.

    All I know is that this “Governator” has turned out to be another piece of RINO but, then we should have expected it, being married to the Kennedy clan.

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