Hiding under our very noses

Excellent piece on the Myers spy case in National Review Online.

Nonetheless, during the couple’s time in Washington, nothing about Mr. Myers seemed exceptional. He fit right in with his anti-American attitudes and bitter fury at U.S. policies — his “deep and long-standing anger toward his country,” as court documents put it. “To his liberal neighbors in Northwest D.C. it was nothing out of the ordinary,” according to the Washington Post. “We were all appalled by the Bush years,” volunteered a neighbor.

On the other hand, Myers left the State Department for a year shortly after joining, during which time the couple lived in Pierre, S.D. “They were different than what we were used to seeing in South Dakota,” says an acquaintance quoted in the New York Times. “They dressed different. They lived different. There was no question in my mind that Kendall, with his Ph.D., was looking to do more than sit in a small house in Pierre all his life.” Another South Dakota resident remembers Mr. Myers rhapsodizing over life in Cuba.

And indeed it was in South Dakota that a Cuban intelligence officer recruited the Myerses, convincing Mr. Myers to return to State in 1980 so he’d have access to official information. The couple took no money for their efforts.

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