Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad from the Fontova’s

Birthday Hunt, For El Viejo Fontova
Birthday Hunt, For El Viejo Fontova

Last week-end Dad and I celebrated his 83rd (Fidel Castro’s age) birthday with a hunt–a sucessfull one, I might add.

Bambi Boliche, Marta!

Noche Buena obviously means swine. On Christmas day itself we splurge on Bambi Boliche and Bambi Bistec Cubano.


(Disclaimer:Val’s post gives me the impression that pics of deceased animals (however “cute”) meant for the table are not regarded as offensive on this site. Thus this baroque Christmas card, which must also flutter PETA’s heart.)

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad from the Fontova’s”

  1. That’s a PETA we all can enjoy, George, lol.

    Humberto keep them coming bro, the more the better.

    I hope you guys have a great one. Full of parties, cigars smoking. Libation drinking, Harem-gazing, and dominoes playing. Feliz Navidad!

  2. “If it’s brown– it’s down,” amigos…”can’t eat dem horns”

    We’re back after ’em Saturday morning.

    And speaking of PETA:

    I loved their anti-fur campaign. The posters showed Cindy Crawford, Kim Basinger and assorted airheads nude but strategically covered. “I’d rather go nude than wear fur” read the caption.

    Come again? I scratched my head when I saw it. This is ANTI-fur?! Aren’t they implying that the more fur on the market the more likely they are to go nude? Am I right here? And this is how they propose to STOP trapping?

    Methinks these gals spend too much time around the fellows who do their hair and photography. Listen up, Cindy, most trappers are male. Most fur coats are bought by husbands and boyfriends. Out here in red-section America human males are EXTREMELY FOND of gazing at the unclad female form.

    When this form looks like yours, this fondness manifests itself in a form of delirium. So if you want to stop men from trapping animals and buying the end product, you do not promise to reward them for the opposite … unreal

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