RPOF Chair Jim Greer to resign

The Miami Herald is reporting that Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer will resign in February.

The money quote, from paragraph one of the Herald article:

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer announced his resignation Tuesday amid criticism the party has been wasting money and not raising as much as it should. (emphasis mine)

I dont know, Jim, but perhaps people arent donating as much as they should because a) there’s 11.6% unemployment in Florida, b) the “GOP” governor of the state, who appointed you, raised taxes, appointed liberal activist judges, coddled lunatic environmentalist, and wholeheartedly supported the Obama administration’s socialist policies citing “job creation” while creating none, and generally strayed from conservative ideals and principles? Dont you think that’s why people arent forking over the dough, bro?

Jim, do your pal Crist a favor – and the rest of the GOP in Florida – and tell him to bow out of the Senate race right now. It might very well be the best thing you ever got done for the party and the people of Florida.

3 thoughts on “RPOF Chair Jim Greer to resign”

  1. the missing money in question comes from big donors such as Mel Sembler – who not only bankrolls the GOP but also C.C. Unfortunate because he was a Jeb guy back in the day. As soon as he signed off on having Greer canned, his days were numbered.

    Overall this whole mess a good sign that the Republican establishment is NOT behind CC and his boy. This is getting better every single day.

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