One standard for me, and one for thee

Harry Reid say stuff and get away with it?

I have met hundreds of handsome black men–light-skinned and otherwise–who are able to speak with no discernable “Negro” dialect and who are able to turn the dialect on and off—an ability with which I have no problem. (Know your audience.) In fact, many such men exist who are far more gifted in the two of the three stated areas than is Barack Obama and in some areas which were not stated by the senator—demonstrable leadership ability being the most important one.

However, I think that many white voters were more familiar with the NBA player/Jesse Jackson attitude and method of elocution as it applies to black American politicians. In short, liberal white voters (and even some not-so-liberal ones) got fooled by Barack Obama’s semi-slick surface. I’ve said so before, others have said so. Even Obama himself has acknowledged that some white people can be fooled in the manner specified.


This is the deal: if you’re assisting in the redistribution of wealth to its “rightful owners,” you get a pass on telling an unflattering racial truth. If you’re “doing something to for black people,” you get to let a “racist” thought slip through your lips or out of your word processor. It’s why old Klansmen like Senator Robert Byrd can even use phrases like “white n*gger” and still sit in the US Senate.

You’re allowed to “abuse” black people with one hand if you’re giving them things out of the other.

And when the inevitable uproar from the other side is heard, you, a Democrat, are allowed to say “sorry” and move on. The Republicans can’t do anything about it, and, as the Reverend Sharpton implied, a few words are meaningless when measured against the importance of the Juggernaut known as Hope-and-Change and its destination—even so-called racist words.

Bravo, Baldilocks. It needs to be said.

(P.S., am I a racist for agreeing with a black woman? :-))

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  1. Being true to the religion of communism is more important than personal morality. Look at Elia Kazan and Roman Polanski. Kazan, the director of ON THE WATERFRONT, was condemed by most of Hollywood for having named names to HUAC. “I hope someone shoots him”, said Abraham Polonsky a blacklisted writer. 500 protesters stood outside the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion when Kazan received his Lifetime Achievement Oscar.
    Yet when Roman Polanski, a pedophile who drugged and raped a 14 year old girl got his oscar for The Pianist no one protested and he was given a full standing ovation. And recently they protested his arrest and possible extradition to the US.
    Racism is not what it used to be. It used to mean genocide and being denied the right to vote and use the same toilet as a white person. Now its a fun game of “GOTCHA” and the last line of defense on political arguments. Losing the debate on healthcare, pull out the race card! It works everytime! Well, no not exactly. People are finally getting wise to that old ruse. Thanks in no small part to hypocritial liberals like Harry Reid.

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