It’s Not Just the Air That’s Chilly in Cuba These Days

Cuba hasn’t escaped the chilly temperatures which have invaded Florida the past several days. But that’s not all that’s cold in Havana.

Remember the promise of better U.S. – Cuba relations in the age of Obama? Well, according to Reuters, you can pretty much forget about that.

After a year of relative civility and cautious praise for Obama, Cuban leaders are again angrily upbraiding Washington over the arrest of an American contractor in Havana last month and over Cuba’s objection to being included in a U.S. list of nations considered “state sponsors of terrorism.”

Cuba protested to the top U.S. diplomat in Havana against its “unjust” inclusion on the list, which will mean extra security measures for U.S.-bound air passengers from Cuba following a botched Christmas Day bomb attack aboard a U.S.-bound airliner.

Havana has also revived accusations of hostile U.S. spying and “subversion” by saying the contractor, who it says was arrested last month for distributing satellite communications equipment to Cuban dissidents, worked for “American secret services.” Washington denies the man was a spy.

Most of here weren’t so naive to think that Cuba would change, even if Obama wants to do more (which so far he hasn’t). No one in Cuba is that naive, either. Listen to the Cuban Foreign Minister:

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez last month slammed Obama as “imperial” and “arrogant,” using terms that were often hurled by Havana at his predecessor George W. Bush.

The article continues with predictable quotes from folks like Phil Peters and John Parke Wright, but one thing (still) remains clear: no matter how much hope and change you want, if the other side isn’t willing to go along, it’s useless.

Let’s see if Cuba really uses the five spies as a bargaining chip to release the American contractor imprisoned in Cuba. If and when that happens, perhaps the undecided out there will realize who the devil is and always has been in this 50-year dance.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Air That’s Chilly in Cuba These Days”

  1. Tragically, the pro-engagement claque will nevertheless continue with their never ending drumbeat of villainizing the USA [although it’s harder now that the “chosen-one” is president] and of course, of making the Cuban exiles out to be worst than child-molesting, genocidal fiends who torture live bunnies for fun.

    Doesn’t matter what Cuba does, they will continue to blame the USA— NOT CUBA—for the diplomatic stand-off and Cuba’s human rights situation and its economic problems.

    They know that the best defense is a strong offense. So, they will continue without even stopping for second to try and defend themselves. They’ll act as if it never happened and continue with the blame game.

  2. I’m waiting for the next chapter, “Cuba demands release of the Cuban Five in exchange for the American Spy.”

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