Down to this

Down To This

By Soul Coughing

You get the ankles and I get the wrists.
You get the ankles and I get the wrists.
You get the ankles and I get the wrists.
You come down to this.

Nerves are up and the eyes all screwy
Blood like a panful of boiling ratatouille
Hang from the axles of a box car
Follow the dotted line
Like a steer to Chicago
to the hooks of the Chicago man

It isn’t easy being a Democrat these days. With poll numbers plunging and the independents who just one year ago packed their tent now scurrying for the exits, the Democrats cannot seem to get anything to go their way. The loss of control and sudden realization that the majority of the country is not accepting the drastic changes they are trying to jam through at best makes them feel confused and disconcerted. At worst, however, these feelings of powerlessness and unpopularity makes them act in ways that are downright ugly.

John McCormack, the deputy online editor for the Weekly Standard got a taste of this ugliness when he tried to ask Massachusetts Democratic senate candidate Martha Coakley a couple of difficult questions after she left a fund raising event in Washington sponsored by lobbyists. Instead of answers, McCormack got roughed up by one of Coakley’s campaign staffers.

As the Soul Coughing song says, “you get the ankles and I’ll get the wrists… You come down to this.”

3 thoughts on “Down to this”

  1. Of course the msm calls this a scuffle between a reporter and a member of her campaign. A neutral description of an aggressive act.
    But I liked that one person called this a symbol of the way the dems are trying to push around all Americans into things they don’t want.

  2. People can come up with a myriad of ways to explain this behavior by Democrats, Honey, but I believe you only need one word to aptly describe it:

    D E S P E R A T I O N

    It is never pretty when people get desperate.

  3. Can you IMAGINE(???!!!) The NON-STOP media UPROAR(!!!!!!)

    ..if a Diaz-Balart or Ros-Lehtinen staffer roughed up a similarly insistent reporter wearing a Che-T-shirt who asked the legislators similar pointed questions, but regarding the “Blockade” of Cuba???!!!

    We’d never hear the ‘freakin end of it…


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