Yesterday’s earthquake in Haiti almost completely devastated the island nation and they are going to need all the help they can get. Please consider donating whatever you can – be it money, food stuffs, clothing, etc..

Local TV channel WSVN has an excellent list of organizations, communities and businesses accepting donations for the Haitian people. You can check that list out right here.

A catastrophe of this magnitude upon such a small, poor island nation may very well be insurmountable without a lot of help from abroad. I urge each and every one of you to lend a hand in whatever way you can.

More at the Livesay Haiti blog.

UPDATE: You can also donate at Pan American Relief, an organization we have worked with before and I am familiar with, right here. They have just set up a direct line for Haiti Disaster Relief: 1-877-572-4484. Please donate what you can.

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15 thoughts on “HAITI DISASTER RELIEF”

  1. A terrible tragedy. It guts me that these disasters so often seem to befall those countries least able to cope with them and most desperate for just a few years of peace, stability and development. Thanks for the donation links, I recommend everyone else taking a look at the organizations there and giving generously.

  2. Drudge has links reporting over 100,000 dead, perhaps as much as 500,000

    It was magnitude 7, well within tolerance of buildings built to California type codes …

  3. I was not aware until hearing it on the news today, a Catholic church down the road from me does missionary work at a disabled orphans mission in Haiti. They say the orphanage is not badly damaged and everyone there is okay, thankfully. I’m calling tomorrow to see what they will be accepting in the way of ‘hard’ goods (food, clothing, toiletries, etc). Lord knows I have tons of gently-worn girls’ clothes and shoes in several sizes.

    I suggest everyone contact their local churches to see if they are similarly affiliated or are currently coordinating charity collections (and perhaps even volunteers) for the disaster struck people.

    In the meantime, prayers for the folks in Haiti. That country has seen more than its fair share of unrest and troubles in its history … a lot self-inflicted by the wrong governments in power.

  4. I’ll be donating for sure.

    as a side note – Any word yet, on if Fidel & Co. are going to use the opportunity to score PR points by sending hundreds of (involuntary) doctors to the island?

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